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Today, the beau and I visited Gillooly’s farm to check out the local craft market. There wasn’t much to see, so we headed off to Mrs Sippi Blues  and had a drink or two. What a lovely day!

I even made a new friend! Her name is Sandy and she is the friendliest, most lovely little Staffie this side of Gauteng. She loved being patted and even jumped on our table a few times! Lovely little puppy!

Unfortunately, I did not wear sunscreen and for the ten minutes that I did not sit under the shading, while looking at the ducks and babels, I got sunburnt! Boo

5 Responses to “Gillooly’s farm”

  1. I am Megan

    Luckily it was just my shoulders and part of my back. I usually burn quite badly, but after sun and disprins seem to have cured it.

    But don’t you think that is just the loveliest dog?

  2. angie

    i haven’t been to gilloolys farm in years and years!

    i think the last time i was there i was still “driving” one of the black plastic push bikes!

  3. I am Megan

    You should definitely make a point to go there, the atmosphere and the vibe is awesome (lack of better word)!

    And me being a dog lover and not allowed having to have one, I absolutely love it there!


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