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Yesterday, I gave my drawer cabinet its second coat, which it pretty much needed. But with all the rain pouring down in Johannesburg, I was in quite a hurry to finish painting and as I moved on to the last panel, I bumped the dustbin on which the can of paint was resting on. HORROR! Black paint strew all over my hands, legs, feet and the tiled floor I was painting on.

At first, my beau and I had a little laugh about it and I tried to salvage as much paint as I possibly could pick up with my paintbrush. And then I had a mini breakdown. While watching my boyfriend cleaning the mess, with a towel I had received as part of a set for my 21st birthday, the tears just came flowing. I cried like an infant, feeling like the world’s biggest fuck up – fuck up covered in paint, that is. But thanks to the angel that is my lovely beau, the mess was cleaned up, and while tears still rolled down my face, he cleaned my hands with turpentine.

The cupboard is still not finished, as the rain hampered us to sand off the last three drawers. So, the

score is currently: one cabinet – painted; two drawers – painted; one drawer – standing miserably alone without any paint; three drawers – with all attachments and paint. Sigh!

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