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I know that everyone loves to say how their dog is the smartest thing on earth and how they know all the tricks in the book and everything that goes with great dogs. Well, I would like to tell you about my mutt, my little beautiful rottweiller x staffie which understands every single word spoken to her.
I got Liefie as condolence present from my Dad in 2000, after my dog Lola was stolen. A colleague’s staffie had been slutting around and out came the most atrocious things (according to the colleague). The first thing I did when I got her was cry. Balling my eyes out! She was the most beautiful thing, so tiny, so round, such lovely beady black eyes! I fell in love!
At first, I dubbed her Roxy. But after calling, and her responding to, Liefiekind and Liefiewoef, my family decided that she should hail Liefie. And being the stubborn 12-year old that I was, I insisted that she should be trained. The best choice of my life. Not only were the dog trained, but her owner as well. It helped me understand dogs better, even though I am secretly a dog whisperer. (My mom always said that I am absolutely fearless when it comes to dogs, even holding tightly onto a growling rottweiller).
But coming back to the centre of the story, Liefie certainly has a personality of her own and will throw little tantrums when she does not get her way. For instance, she loves biting the water as my mom waters the garden. Now, being an old dog with a bit of arthritis, my mom has outlawed water biting! Her response to try and tell my mom how frustrated she is, is to bite the grass and pull out lumps of grass and mouthfuls of ground at the same time. She then stomps on the grass with her front paws and starts clawing at it, until she gets her way. Little Brat! But I love my love to pieces and I have never loved a dog as much as I love my Liefie. She is an absolute angel!

She also loves her ball! From the minute you open your eyes, to the minute you go to sleep, she will put the ball in front of you because she wants to play! 

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