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Being the art opportunist (read copycat) that I am, I recently commissioned a friend of mine to paint me a Nguni bull on a beach. Thank you Jacky Kearns for this most beautiful piece of art!

I saw a painting at some art shop of a massive strong bull and had to have it, but the price tag read “You can’t afford this even if you sell your liver.” So,  I just went to MegaMica and bought a mega canvas for R300 and five days later this is what I’ve got:

Update: IT IS DONE!
How absolutely gorgeous is my bull? Love, love, love it :)

5 Responses to “Bull, handele, handele (or that other Spanish word)”

  1. I am Megan

    I think I would have done it the same, because its difficult to paint over an already painted background. With the foreground in first, you just colour the rest in, to put it that simple.

  2. Lentie

    What I would have done is do a light layer of the background and the bull at the same time, then build it up from there. Then you don’t need to paint over the blue background, if you get what I mean. But whatever works, you know? :)

  3. I am Megan

    Yeah, that also sounds like a good idea, but I guess everyone has their own way of doing things.

    I myself wouldn’t know tic or tac from toe when it comes to painting techniques, I just know how to steal art with they eye :)


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