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Last night we got the keys to our new flat! But what a horrid state it was left in by the previous tenants. The floor was covered in dust, with a side order of dust, and then some! And there were chips in the walls that were not there when we checked the place out in December. I presume this must have happened during their move.

We went through all the cupboards to throw away all that was left over and as the beau opened the tumble dryer we got a nice surprise…a whole bundle of underwear and socks! Ha! The guy must have forgotten it. Well, forgotten or not, I chucked it into the dustbin.

After offloading a few boxes, which we will unpack tonight, we went to McDonalds for some grub. Ohmigosh! Luckily I look before I eat, as I had an extra flavouring inside my chips…a fried bee. Poor thing.

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  1. Lentie

    Aw that sucks! I’m still looking for a new flat with a reasonable price tag.
    Aw no, what a lunch fail, I also had McDonalds this weekend and the chips were old :(


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