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   The book of love is full of facts and figures and lessons on dancing. Did you know that Flip can’t dance? I’m also not willing to teach him, my toes have suffered too much for that. But perhaps we will join a dance class.

Did you know that the guy I reffered to in the last post was not Flip? No, oh no, this guy {if you missed it, read over here} was a creep and just served for a couple of good laughs between friends and I. I digress and picking up where I left off, I was looking for the a new flatmate, and a few people came to have a lookm, but nothing came of it.

Then one day, another guy answers the ad. We organise a looksee for the cottage and he decides to move in the very next day. Let us call him Dr No for all blogging purposes. So Dr No and I get along great, become friends, I develop a crush {oh yes I did} and get introduced to his friends, among them Flip. I like twists, huh?

But before Flip and I even met, Dr No showed me some pictures on his computer and I stopped at this one picture and blurted out loud: “who is that hot guy and when are you introducing him to me?” Introductions soon followed and Flip fell in love with me.

But then we didn’t see each other for about three months. He says I did something to upset him at a braai. I don’t recall any of it. But he just couldn’t resist and had to see me again.

The unofficial, joke story, of how Flip fell in love was when he was teasing me about my crush and I stabbed him with a fork in the leg. Not long after that, I received a message on facebook from Flip. “Hi, I’m going to be honest. I think you are awesome. And hot. that is all for now.” I didn’t reply, but was enamored by the message. I gave him my number through Dr No and we messaged each other.

A few days, or perhaps weeks, later I was asked on our first date. Flip took me for sushi, and I have never eaten sushi before. I also had no plans to eat it. But now i’m addicted. We also shared our first kiss that night.

About two weeks into the whole dating scenario, a friend of mine came over to colour my hair and Flip was banned from seeing me, because when is it ever pretty when colouring is involved. My flatmate sneaked in during the colouring session, and I thought something was up. We were sitting in the living room and when I went to my room, after washing the colour out, what did I find?

On my bed there lay 44 roses, 22 white and 22 deep red long stem roses. I might have started crying, because this was the first time any guy did something like this for me. And of course, I was smitten, head-over-heels in love with Flip. Still am to this day. Wouldn’t you be?

And you know what the best thing is? The flowers never stopped coming. Flip loves to surprise me at work with a massive bunch of flowers and he loves to surprise me with little things that have meaning to us.

One last thing for today. You know when you have the talk, about whether you are becoming an exclusive couple or not? Flip asked me like this: “Miss Wait, shareholders in Van Wyngaardt and company have decided that you would be a significant asset to the company and we can see great growth with you as a partner. Would you like to enter this transaction?”

More coming tomorrow!

11 Responses to “The book of love: the middle part”

  1. Maria Morley

    This is such a sweet story! My husband and I had our first date over sushi, too. :-) I love that your guy still surprises you with flowers. How wonderful!

  2. Lynn {hearted girl}

    inhaling all that romance fills me right up with beautiful love light!! part2 is pretty amazing Megan, you are one lucky girl and Flip is a fortunate fellow to have you in his life. what a story!! awesome + the photo accompaniment is such a gorgeous shot of you two.

    the prequel really threw me off the scent though, i thought for sure you were talking about Flip. oh, you are gooood lades, you are good! love the way he asked you for your “official” couple title, brilliant as can be. ♥

  3. Sam

    Ohhh the plot thickens…if you hadn’t out out that ad and Dr No had never answered it, you may have never met Flip…isnt it amazing how fate works out! Awww the roses are so romantic, thats a beautiful pic of the two of you.


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