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I found this on, she did this post way back in 2008. It’s a sweet way to relive all the highlights and things you know about each other. You should try it, and if you do, link up in the comments so I can check it out! :) 

50 things about us:
1.    He is all logic, but sometimes can’t make logic conclusions.
2.    She is all creativity.
3.    Therefore, she can’t do math.
4.    We live in a yellow house.
5.    She nags him to be more talkative.
6.    He wishes she would cook more often.
7.    She can’t cook.
8.    We have two dogs, named Mila (a Staffie) and Jethro (a Jack Russell)
9.    She lives for music.
10.He won’t reveal whether Jethro has been named after Jethro Tull (the band) or Jethro Gibbs (NCIS).
11.We are best friends.
12.She can’t live without him.
13.He can’t live without tomato sauce.
14.We fart in front of each other. (teehee)
15.He knows that when she is grumpy she is either hungry or sleepy.
16.She blushes at this admission.
17.We have the same sense of humour.
18.He doesn’t think so.
19.Because she doesn’t laugh at his jokes (but inside, our humour is exactly the same)
20.She is a bit of a slob, with OCD
21.He is a bit of OCD, with a side order of slob.
22.We have a cleaner. Thank goodness for that.
23.He asked for her hand in marriage at a waterfall. The waterfall wasn’t on.
24.She never takes off her ring and cannot get it over her heart to have it resized, even if its too small.
25.She has very light body hair, so doesn’t shave her legs for a long time (slob!)
26.He looks handsome with facial hair.
27.We already picked out a name for a girl – should we have a baby someday.
28.He took her to a sushi restaurant on their first date.
29.She refused to eat sushi before that date. Now, she’s addicted.
30.We eat Kung Fu Kitchen sushi at least three times a month.
31.He accidentally said ‘I love you’ when she dished up for him at a party.
32.She was so shocked that she sat quietly next to her best friend for the remainder of the evening.
33.We attended this friend’s funeral in September.
34.He eats beet salad on bread. And crinkle cut chips. And French fries.
35.She eats toast with butter – that must be melted.
36.Sometimes he dips her when she wants a kiss. (so romantic)
37.He is addicted to Coca Cola.
38.She hasn’t had soda in 14 years. Then she met him.
39.She walks into rooms and forgets why she went in there.
40.He always knows where her car keys, cellphone, purse or handbag might be.
41.We have been officially dating for two years and eight months.
42.She likes to send him pictures from inside dressing rooms before she buys anything.
43.We both adore nature.
44.He doesn’t like zoos.
45.He does like French fries and can eat them every day.
46.She cries in church services, particularly at Christenings.
47.He rolls his eyes when this happens
48.He leaves lights on in the house, which in a sense, is good because
49.She is afraid of the dark.
50.We are getting married in nine months.
 One of our very first photos together.

8 Responses to “Fifty things”

  1. Care

    This is such an awesome idea! Loved reading all your little details that you know about each other. You guys sound like you have a great time together. Going to have to do this!

  2. Marlen

    This is such a cute list, it’s so nice to go over and remember :) it definitely makes you appreciate each other more too

  3. Sam

    Aww I love this idea, so sweet and romantic and the photos to match are really lovely. You will always be able to return to this post, read the list and it will make you smile and cherish your beautiful relationship!


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