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Between Valentine’s Day, work, following Oscar Pistorius’s court case, who allegedly murdered his girlfriend in the early hours of Valentine’s {which for some reason has captivated everyone in South Africa, no really, this is all we talk about}, daydreaming about my wedding – and planning it, attending premarital preparation classes and doing the homework, I just haven’t had the time to update my little platform on the shiny thing called internet.

Anywho, I still want to share what I did for Flip for the day of love, and what he gave to me, because love should be shared!

I stood up really early that morning to make Flip breakfast in bed, complete with a tomato sauce heart. I also got him a trio of dark chocolate cigars filled with Remy Martin brandy, but replaced the middle chocolate cigar with a really real cigar!

And while Flip didn’t give me something the minute my eyes opened, which is of great chagrin to me, he did hand deliver these gorgeous flowers at the office for me! Very romantic, isn’t it? 

The evening was topped off by red wine and sushi on the living room floor, an indoor picnic of sorts. Who needs overly planned, overly expensive and hot air balloons {hahaha} when all you need is good foo, great company and the heart of the one you love?

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