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Can bunting ever get old? I doubt it. It is such an easy, cute and pretty way to spruce up any party. We definitely thought it was something that had to be at our wedding and soon my mom (the most amazing woman on earth) started gathering materials to MAKE bunting for the garden area at our reception hall.
There’s only one thing I regret about bunting at my wedding, and that is the fact that I didn’t have more.
Making it yourself is also a great way to cut costs and provide some bonding time with your mom (and in my case, my sister-in-law). Grab your bridesmaids to help you with the cutting process, and it will also be easier and quicker.
Here’s what you need:

Hessian (our bunting was 10 m and 6 m long, respectively, so if the hessian is 3,5 m wide, you will only need about 1 m in length. You can find the fine hessian at your local haberdashery.)
A very sharp and sturdy pair of scissor
A couple of hands to help you cut (your hands will tire)
Bias Binding 
A sewing machine
Doilies or white paint – depending on how you are decorating your bunting.


1.  Cut a template out of carton. We used a piece sized 25 cm in width, and 30 cm in length.
2.  Cut the two top corners 0,5 cm shorter.
3.  Mark with the aid of the template the hessian in the following manner:
     For  10 m bunting you will need 30 flags.
4.  Cut the flags out and line the raw edges with Ponal or similar glue to prevent fraying. When using ordinary material, one can use fray check to prevent fraying of the material.
5.  I used bias binding to link the flags.  
     Start about 60 cm from the end of the bias binding.
     put the bias binding flat with the raw sides facing you.
     Place the raw edge of the top of the flag in the centre of the bias binding and stitch the flag to the bias binding a bout 0,25 cm from the edge of the flag.
6.  Leave an 8,5 cm space before attaching the next flag. Leave another 60 cm  bias binding at the end of the last flag.
7.  After attaching all the flags, fold the bias binding double lengthwise and stitch along the complete length of the bias binding. 
We rounded the bunting off with pretty circle doillies as well as heart cut outs, because it was our day of love!

Did I throw the bunting away? Oh hell no. It is now used to decorate some windows in my house

Wedding pics: Kikitography

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  1. Sam

    Love love this pretty and vintage idea Megan, it looks really beautiful and so well made. Your thoughts mean very much to me, thanks for stopping by.


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