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Who wants to read about Lady Chatterley’s Lover over Tuc’s crackers and wine spritzers at a book club, when you can blend your own wine, experience a new restaurant and scrumptious food every last Tuesday of the month? If you choose the book club, say I.

Not many I’s right? Last night I learnt about the great wine club that is Savvy Sisters. Their website describes them as: “A monthly wine club meeting, for ladies only, where we discover and taste new South African Wines according to a theme set out, for example Organic Wines. Savvy Sisters meet at different venues around Johannesburg for a fun, girly evening”. Local is lekker!

I was invited by the super fun Paula, from Hey There Paula, and we were treated to a talk by Elsabe Lategan from Babylonstoren at Toni’s Pizza in Craighall. We learnt about all the blending of wines, such as Petit Verdot – the salt in wine; Cabernet Sauvignon – the deep dark chocolatey tasting wine; Merlot – the sweet sister, with red cherries, red berries, everything red; the Cabernet Franc – which is flat on your tongue (if memory serves me right); and one other wine I cannot recall. We put our best alchemist hats on, which produced a wine called Smitten and placed third out of six teams, so we were spectacularly average.

 My camera’s batteries went flat, so I had to take pics with my phone.

Savvy Sisters really is a brilliant idea, as it connects ladies from all over the city – people who normally would not have known about each other – and introduces you to all walks of life.  It is held at a different restaurant every time, with different meals, but as we were at a pizza parlour last night the obvious meal was pizza. We had five different flavours that were oh so good!  No complaints here. Pizza is my favourite! We were also treated to a yummy salad, parma ham and a spinach pastry. Yum, get in my tum!

 Above picture on the left was taken when my camera still worked. Right is from Toni’s Pizza.

Paula and I had such a laugh, with quotes such as “this wine tastes grapey” being thrown around.
Thank you Toni’s Pizza and Savvy Sister for a great evening!
EDIT: Paula knows the restaurant pretty well and recommends their Belgian Chocolate Pizzette, so if you are ever in the area, you must give this a try. Let me know if you try it! 

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