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He talks fast and a lot when he has been alone for a long time, like he needs to get the thoughts out of his mind as quickly as possible. It rushes out of him like a word avalanche. I have to ask him to keep quiet just so I can gather enough thoughts for a response. With new people, he is dead quiet.

He tried making coffee once, but it was so horrible that it ended in a fight. Yet, despite his inability to make coffee, I love him.
His patience is astounding. I can say the most horrible things about him and he will just find a way to love me over it, or around it. There is no limit to his forgiveness. He is a man who can see the bigger picture, unlike his narrow-sighted wife.
I am utterly selfish when it comes to him. I want him all to myself. We fight awful, nasty fights, but cannot live a day without the other. 
He is my telephone. I can tell him my soul, he knows my darkest secret (this is not just some cliché), he brings peace when I am worried, joy when I am sad. I love laughing with him.
He loves to spoil me. Whether it be with flowers, or muffins or just a nice home-cooked meal. He is always there, ever present and I love him for it. 

I love his hands.

Today is my husband’s 29th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Flip! Even though the weather isn’t playing along, I hope you are covered in the warmth of the love from the people who surround you. I love you more than anything on this earth and am ever grateful to our God who lead us to each other. You are my light, my love, my best friend. I know that we can challenge life head on, as long as we are together. Yours forever, M xxx

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