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If you are banting, or Tim Noakes-ing or SleekGeek-ing or doing something that Kim Kardashian might do – God knows you cannot call it dieting, it is a lifestyle change – then this post is not for you, because it is loaded with the carbohydrates, the devil’s choice of food.
But, if you are into a healthy balanced lifestyle and eating plan – ala Linn Lowes or Kayla Itsines – then please read on about the magic of oats. It isn’t just for eating, so even though you are banting or Tim Noakes-ing, you could still benefit from this informative post. {Also, just a cautionary disclaimer: I have nothing against people who don’t eat carbs, in fact, I envy your will power}.
Now, we constantly hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, obviously because it kick starts your metabolism after not eating for 8 hours – dependent on how long you slept – so here are a few ways to spruce those mornings up; especially if you are a serial breakfast avoider like me.
// The newest trend seems to be overnight oats. Say what? Yes, that was my initial reaction. Well, according to this Buzzfeed article. . .it is similar to oatmeal except thicker, fluffier, and served cold. You make it by soaking raw rolled oats in liquid — usually milk or soy milk — overnight in the fridge. A basic recipe for overnight oats is one part raw rolled oats and one part cold milk . . . and then add whatever the heck you feel like, as long as it healthy, of course. Check this pomegranate {love!} andcocoa nibs oats if you are looking for a delicious additive. 
// Not big on eating in the mornings, but still keen on getting that metabolism into gear? Smoothies are the easiest solution. I absolutely recommend this peach and oats blend-up, that should keep you full for a few hours!
// I am totally down for oats bars – looks like chocolate; has bit of health’ier’ dark chocolate in it and is easy and quick to make and devour. Also, you get a little bit of quinoa {superfood rejoice!} and cherries in with this awesome granola bar recipe.  Replace the sugar with a healthy alternative like honey or xylitol.

// There are many products on the market that try and capture the healthy properties of oats, but owing to additives and preservatives, I have found that these products often wreak havoc on my skin. The solution? Making your own oats and honey facial scrub. The oats will remove all the dead skin, no problem.
// I’ve often heard and read about having herbal tea baths, but have you heard about a herbal oat bath? It will sort out dry skin in an instant, while the added herbs will ensure a relaxing pampering session.
// Lastly, is a cream that will relieve the itchiness of winter, while also battling against eczema, added bonus! The oat milk dream cream, made by draining oats, will leave your skin smooth and glowing at the same time.

4 Responses to “A guide to oats – not just for eating”

  1. Kelly

    Love this post! I have a thing for plain old stove top oats but variations and other uses are always great too :)

  2. MaysaAndSunshine

    I absolutely love oatmeal, any kind of oatmeat really. Old fashioned to steel cut variety. Have heard about the overnight oat on Instagram from many raw diet foodie but have not tried it.

  3. Claudz

    I love my oats for breakfast. I love adding fruit, nuts, spices etc to make it more interesting. I’m still deciding if I am brave enough to try overnight oats.


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