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With the three-degree weather that just crept into Johannesburg overnight, a sense of negativity has also crept in, nestling itself in my bones. I really am not a fan of the cold and with a house that has only two north-facing windows, you can just imagine how cold it gets. To top this off, we have not had electricity since Friday. The stubborn municipality switched it off while we were at Flip’s grandma’s funeral – another element contributing to the dark sword hanging over my head. They did not give any reason as to why they switched it off and we have been between families’ houses the entire weekend, a feat in itself draining. By chance, I saw some contractors working on the pole where the electricity was switched off and the contractors said that they can’t switch it on, we have to speak to the municipality. They were right there, yet they couldn’t just flick the switch.

This morning I heard a report on the radio about a woman in Randburg blaming the city for her husband’s death, after he tried to switch their power back on and got electrocuted. Well, that bodes well for our situation. I’m not losing my husband because of bad public service, so there is no way he is getting up a ladder trying to fix it himself. It is also illegal, apparently.  To top it all off, I have countless sleepless nights. I haven’t had proper sleep since last week Monday. Flip was ill first, with flu and then some coughing fits. Those things have the tendency to keep their spouses awake. Then I got sick with sinusitis, which not only makes it impossible to breathe, but also keeps me out of my happy place – the gym. Sigh.

So to counter this negativity, I am going to share a cake recipe with you. Last year, my mother gave me a recipe folder, with all her and my favourite recipes for my kitchen tea. One of the recipes was a Strawberry Cream cake. I remember the tears of joy I cried when she gave me the folder, with this message in the front:

Aan my doggertjie wat nou al op troue staan:

Hier is ‘n paar beproefde respete wat ek so deur die jare bymekaar gemaak het. Party was uit resepteboeke. Ek het van hulle aangepas sodat dit in my smaak geval het. Daar is seker baie meer, maar ek het die uigesoek wat ekd gedink het wat ook in jou smaak sal val. Ek het dit so uitgedruk dat jy nog altyd weer kan aanvul met resepte wat jy dalk van kan onthou, maar wat ek nie nou aan gedink het nie.

Van jou eie Madder

Underneath this message she pasted this picture. I was sobbing like a baby. It was a good sob.

 Strawberry Cream Cake Recipe

First you will need to bake a layercake. My mom got this recipe in 1968 from a lady named Susan Richards, who worked with her at Drs van Tonder and Co.

Layer Cake:

Preheat the oven to 200 °C.
Beat 4 eggs until light and creamy.
Gradually add 1 and two-thirds castor sugar or normal sugar to the butter.
Next, sift 2 cups of flour, half a teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons baking powder together. Do not add to the butter mixture.
Heat 1 cup of milk and 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil in the microwave. Do not boil.
Gradually add the dry ingredients and the milk mixture to the egg and butter mixture.
Stir until everything is mixed, but don’t stir too much.
Bake for 25 min and let it cool off.

Strawberry Cream (recipe from my aunt and mother’s sister Esther Coetzee)

You will need:
1 tin condense milk
250 g margarine
1 lemon’s juice
1 tin (410g) strawberry jam
Beat the condense milk and margarine together. Add the lemon juice. Let it cool in the fridge.
Now add this mixture between the layers of the layercake: one side is covered in the mixture, the other side with jam. Stack cakes on each other and cover the rest of the cake with the mixture. 
Decorate the cake with strawberries and cream. 
Et voila
Strawberry cake Picture from here

12 Responses to “Strawberry cake can make anyone happy”

  1. Claudz

    I hope the dark clouds lifts soon with a large spotlight from the municipality. Sorry to hear about Flip’s gran. And that you’re both not feeling well.
    Sending big hugs
    and the cake sounds lekker!

  2. SaraLynn1231

    I hope they turn the electricity on soon!! I too hate being cold!

    That cake looks amazing :) I may have to come back for this recipe!

  3. Allison

    It sounds like you’re really going through one thing after another – as cliche as it is, I’ve found those to be the biggest growth moments for me. However, I also hate the cold, so on that level, I really feel for you. I wish I could send you lots of wool socks and a big hug!
    I’m also sending a big hug for this recipe – I have to convert (silly United States not using the metric system), but it looks beautiful! It actually looks like what we call a “strawberry shortcake,” though that is usually made with a biscuit. This looks amazing!
    Hang in there – I am loving your blog!

  4. henning love

    oh yum yum yum!! this cake looks absolutely divine and perfect for summer, fruit, light, not dense, whipped cream, all things i love

  5. Ashley

    Oh wow, how cold! You really do need a trip to the States. :) And talk about good cooking — that cake looks amazing!!! How perfect for summer. Yum!

  6. Claudia Rosenburg

    I love strawberry cake so much and this looks particularly delicious. The content on your blog is really good! I was wondering, do you know of any other blogs that would also be good to visit? I’m always looking to try new recipes and learn new things. I’m also looking at starting my own blog and want to learn from other bloggers on what to do!
    Claudia Rosenburg |

  7. Anonymous

    Oh no I hope the electricity is back on now! Lovely cake and that photo is precious


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