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The other day someone asked me if there is anything I would have changed on my wedding day. Something immediately popped up in my mind. Video.

I really regret not having any video footage of this big, momentous day in my life. I miss the fact that all the private jokes, the preparation of the tables, the two brides getting married on the same day sneak-peeking each others venues, the friends freaking out because it is almost time to get married and you’re not even in a wedding dress yet, the families connecting, the speeches, the walking down the aisle, the pre-ceremony jitters, the party are all but vague memories in my mind. Mainly, because of a very tight budget. But, for future brides, there is a solution! Enter UFilm – the concept is in the name – you film, they edit.

I spoke to the creator of this amazing concept Taryn to find out more about the company she started with her sister Megan.

1. How did you start?  We lived in the UK for many years and moved back to South Africa over 2 years ago. On moving back we wanted to start our own company and knew of a very similar concept in the UK which was doing very well which is why we started Ufilm.

2. What are the services your provide? We offer two different types of service. One being an ‘edit only’ service where we are provided with the raw footage which we then edit into a professional video.

The second is our ‘videographer’ service with a difference. We hire out easy to use HD handheld cameras, our customers film their own event (most popular is weddings), they hand the cameras back and we edit the footage into a professional video. This way the footage (especially for weddings) is unscripted, natural and unique and of course doing it this way is more affordable for the customer.

The way Ufilm works is simple – we give you the easy-to-use cameras for your wedding day and people that are involved in this day are free to film wherever,  whatever and whoever they would like to. Due to the fact that there is not a formal videographer there the people being filmed will feel free to act naturally and interact with the person who is holding the camera at that stage. It gives each person that you have chosen to celebrate the day with you the opportunity to play a part in your important day.
Memories are all we have – and we at Ufilm want you to have only the best memories of a day that is to be treasured forever – Taryn

3. Where do you find inspiration for your creations? Customers come to us with the footage and a brief. This brief is used to guide us during the editing process but obviously our own creative license is allowed and this is where we can have fun with music, what footage is used, editing techniques etc. Our inspiration for each video comes from the footage itself which means every video is different and unique.

4. What are some of the challenges of being your own boss?
The main challenge is time and finding enough of it.

5. How do you perceive the South African creatives/design landscape? In South Africa creativity and design is unique and ever changing which makes it so exciting. South Africa is also a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and people which is something that is an inspiration in itself and can be seen in a lot of local work.

6. What would you do if you won the lotto?
The list is endless.

7. Where to from here? We would like to grow Ufilm into the videographer of choice for all events. What better way to capture all your special moments than through the eyes of your guests/loved ones using our cameras plus you don’t ever feel like its not professional because our job is to turn the footage into a professional video. We also want to encourage people to use all the footage they have lying around and get it edited by us into a video they will want to share and use for years to come (think holidays, birthdays, christenings etc).

8. What has been your proudest moment since you started? Seeing the tears of happiness in all our brides/grooms when they watch their video for the first time.

“Ufilm is the fun, affordable and unique option when it comes to deciding on the videographer for your special day. Your wedding day is deemed to be one of the most memorable and beautiful days in your life therefore we want to offer you the opportunity to live, and relive, this day as many times as your heart desires – with Ufilm you can do just that.” – Taryn

Here is just a little example of what these ladies are capable of doing!

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