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My dogs are spoilt, and when I say spoilt I mean they sleep in bed with us. All three of them. Every night requires a little strategic planning to get them all in their spots. And sometimes, it can be a bit disruptive to sleep. 

So, I was more than relieved when Hill’s Pet Nutrition sent me a doggy pillow, for my furries to chill outin! I thought they would then sleep on it at night. This is still in progress. I love that the material is tough and robust, so it stands a chance against Mila – unlike my furniture. And it’s a slipcover, so it can be cleaned easily. My three already jumped on it with muddy feet!

You can get your hands on these pillows or a doggy donut this August, while stocks last from participating vets and vet outlets by purchasing selected bags of Hill’s Science Plan Canine. 

Buy two small (2.5 or 3kg) bags of Hill’s Science Plan Canine Mini to receive a doggy donut, worth R250. To receive a giant lazy pillow, worth R350, buy two big (11kg or 12kg) bags of Hill’s Science Plan Canine. Click here for more details.

These comfy beds are available in a variety of colours so you are sure to find one to match your style! I got the grey and white, which is perfect; but it is also available in blue or red. 

Now, excuse me, I just need to go buy some Hill’s so I can get another pillow. My two girls refuse to lie on the pillow if the other girl is on the pillow. Silly puppies. 

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