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When looking at the history of fashion, it really is mind-boggling how much has changed. In the years pre- and post-World Wars, everything was handmade – something that is today considered a luxe item – but people didn’t really dare. Everyone wore crimpolene dresses {generalising much?} and if your dress had, for example, a floral print, you were the most daring of your friends.

Today, fashion is used as a form of self-expression; if you want to wear swear words on your shirt or wear a beanie with the words #yolo embossed on it, it’s no biggie. In the old days, it was shocking if women wore shorts.
I am fascinated by how much things have changed in a few decades and what intrigues me most is kids clothing. I have heard a number of people complaining about kids and babies being dressed up as young adults, which I find very cute, but I also stand by the saying that kids should be kids. The other day, I saw a crop top ‘pakkie’ for preteens and I nearly fainted! That’s why I love Ninakind so much; the brand embodies exactly that – letting kids be kids, but in the cutest way! 
Known for handmade baby products, including toys and clothing, graphic designer Nina Jonck, the brain behind the brand, strives to make each and every product unique and different.  “So much love and care goes into every stitch. I hope you love my creations as much as I love to make them,” Nina tells The Sun House. 

Well, I am absolutely in love with your creations and wish I had little ones to dress up in your adorable garments! How did you start and how long have you been doing this? 
I’ve been doing this since 2012, but only started full time about a year ago. 

It all started while I was busy studying Graphic design. In our second year we had to design a character, so I put pencil to paper and designed a cute monster. I then realised the shape would work well with felt, and made a little monster out of yellow felt, stuffed it and stitched it! My classmates fell in love with the yellow monster and soon the orders started rolling in. And as corny as it may sound, the rest was history.

What do you do and do your provide services? I make handmade baby products, that includes soft toys,  babygrow details, mobiles and a few special requests here and there. I make to order, so normally a client would contact me if they’re intrested and we would work something out from there on.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations? Today we have the internet and lots of social media platforms where you can browse for hours. I try to look at pictures and illustrations and picturing them in 3D or even in patterns that I can utilise to make my dolls. I never copy and always try to stay true to myself, and just to use any artwork as a base and not a direct copy. A lot of my clients also come up with ideas that I can play around with!

What are the challenges of being your own boss? Getting up in the morning! NO! Im just kidding. If you love what you do and everyday you get to create something new, it’s pretty hassle free to be your own boss. BUT sometimes you have to work hard not to mix work life with personal life especially if you work from home.

How do you perceive the South African design landscape? Well, South Africa (Cape Town) is the design Capital of the world. I think that is pretty great for the creative South African! I love our diversity and to be able to express yourself freely. The support we get from each other is great and inspirational!  There are so much to inspire you here, and it is awesome that even the smallest artist get recognised! 

Speaking of diversity, what are your favourite materials, colours to work with and why? I mostly work with felt. And any colour will do, but the colour I like to work with most is grey and red. You may not know this but I also doodle and love to work with ink especially black. I don’t know why but I like working with different mediums, maybe it’s the challenge to get to know each one, that I love.

Your doodles are amazing! What would you do if you won the lotto?
I would travel the world! I will take all my friends and family  with to join in on the fun.
And I would donate a cut to child welfare! 

What has been your proudest moment to date? Being featured on your blog! Well I feel very proud each time I get a new order, it shows someone out there likes and appreciate what I do.

Really? I feel so honoured! Tell me, where to from here? I can only go up! I would love to have a successful online shop and become a Proudly South African product. Maybe go to a few markets like ‘Die Trommelskou’ and KKNK.

Find Ninakind at these links:

Instagram: @nerina_nina

You can win some amazing Ninakind products by following her Facebook page and sharing it with your friends. Click on the picture for details.

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