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This weekend we did something spectacular, in the name of love – well, for me it is spectacular – and I am only getting around to writing about it now.

Marriage is such a special and blessed thing, to spend the rest of you life with the person who knows all your quirks, your moodswings, your ins and outs, your gross moments {come on ladies, we have all let out a little poot in front of our other halves} and still loves you and misses you when you both are at work – now that’s awesome! I mean, there are days that we absolutely want to kill each other and when I feel sorry for my poor neighbours for all the words coming from our house, but in the end, you forgive, forget and have wonderful make-up you know what. (Hopefully my mom is not reading this. But I’m married. So.)

Even though love can sometimes be blurry and not go the way you want it to go, it’s the little things that count. This picture for example – it is so far from perfect, and it shows how far from perfect we are as human beings – but its us in a cute moment, and I love it. 

Speaking of sex, the magazine that promotes a healthy, sexy and adventurous sex-life for married couples, Intiem, launched its Love Bridge at Magnolia Dell this weekend, and we were lucky enough to attend this momentous occasion. There was much fanfare about the bridge, designed by Johan and Grete Wentzel from Wdesign. (Read more about it in my previous post on it)
After a morning in the sun – which left me lobster red – we stood in line to have our locks hung on the bridge. Engraved with our names nogal. It was a very sweet moment for me and I got all teary eyed and flustered when we walked back to our car – to think that we have tied the knot just under a year ago and now we are putting a lock on our love. It reminded me of the unbreakable bond a marriage should be, it should go way past the big ceremony and the fanfare, it should go deeper than just every day things. Marriage should be a place to connect with your best friend on an emotional, physical and spiritual way and I am so lucky to have a partner that shares these values.

We also followed the Intiem Marriage Week programme for the week, and surprisingly, we fought more than I expected. It was sort of therapeutic fighting – we discussed things that really bothered us both and ways in which we would improve on that specific topic. It was followed by bible study, that served as guidelines for the correct way to act and be. Let me tell you, this was so enriching! And I will do it every year, because I don’t want to end up in a lawyer’s office bwcause we both kept things locked up in our hearts. In this sense, the arguments were awesome.

I am really happy that I could have shared this awesome day and marriage week with my best friend and life partner.

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  1. Megan

    Hahaha, thank you Joana, the funny thing is that I was due for an appointment just after this, so I didn’t do anything to it, just tied it up. And when I wanted to colour it, the hairdresser said no :(


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