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I am the worst girl ever. I somehow missed the boat on hair braiding and also didn’t pay attention in class when nail polish application was mentioned.
For me, applying the perfect coat of nail polish on my fingernails is like asking someone in a weelchair to stand up – impossible. (Except if you’re Kanye, then anything is possible). So here are my (entirely tongue-in-cheek) tips to not suck at being a girl, or applying nail polish.

1. Get a manicure
Honestly, the best way to ensure that your nails absolutely don’t suck is to have it done by a professional. They have been trained to do it, so if you can fork out the money to make your talons look extra pretty, I’d say that this is the best and easiest option. Unless you are squeamish like me. I find manicures to be very painful and I HATE it when they have to file your nails. HATE it. (Totally suck at being a girl)
2. Don’t do anything for a few hours
Unless you have those super quick drying nail polishes that cannot smudge, just don’t move for a couple of hours. I have pink nailpolish on my teeth today, because I smudged a nail and stuck it in my mouth to smooth it out. This is why it might be better to do your nails in the evening while watching tv and doing nothing else. Or just go to a nail salon.
3. Paint outside the lines
Listen, if you are not to worried about this, paint outside the lines. Paint your nails in the evening and go crazy with that polish. The next morning, in the bath or shower, just {trying to think of a nicer word, but can’t} scratch the polish off from the sides of your fingers. If you managed not to smudge your nails, it should look perfect.
4. Use a nail polish with a flat brush
I don’t know why, but I have found that those flat brush nail polishes are not as easy to mess up as the traditional round brushes. They don’t go outside the lines. Or check the interwebs for ways to apply nail polish correctly.
5. Put your nail polish in the fridge
It’s supposed to last longer that way. I’m guilty of keeping my nail polish for months, and often find that it’s stringy and sticky and won’t move from the brush to the nail. Keeping it in the fridge also helps it to go onto your fingers more smoothly. Or you could just chuck the old polish and buy some new ones. 

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