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Hellooo lovelies! So, I have a dillema – I’ve been invited to a halloween party, but halloween isn’t really a thing in South Africa – we don’t really celebrate it, me the least as I have my own views on it, but now that it’s a dress up party and it falls on the traditional date of the US halloween, well ja, I have no idea what to do or what to wear.

So, I snooped around and found some pretty freaking cute halloween costumes to try out. While I would love to do a couple’s look, ie the girl and boy from Moonrise Kingdom, my individualist husband wants to do his own thing. But I haven’t planned anything yet. So here are some last minute ideas I think I might try – it remains to be seen :)

If you are looking for something cutesy and fun, these bokkie tutorials are quick and easy ways to dress up your face. I really love the Bambi look and I think it is too cute. // Left // Right

If you are into cartoons and have a beloved character – my husband likes to call me Gretchen from Recess, especially if I wear big glasses – then you should dress up as your favourite one. I think Minnie Mouse is pretty cute, while Darryl nailed the Velma look from Scooby Doo.

 But, if you are a little more skilled with the make-up brush and would try a more intense, ‘difficult’ look, these sugar skulls are the look to try. I love the story behind sugar skulls, even though they creep me out a little bit. // Left // Right

Lastly, if you follow the Mean Girls rule of “In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it” then a little more daring outfit is a definite must. Find your shortest dress and pop on some bunny ears and voila, your all halloweene’d up.

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