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I think congratulations are in order. Congratulations to my husband for not killing me in the last year and congratulations to me not going entirely crazy in the first year – which is supposed to be the HARDEST year. All jokes aside, we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary this weekend and I could not have asked for a better life partner.
Dear Flip,
I’m finding it difficult to write how this year has changed me. Changed you. Changed us both. For the better, for the stronger, for life. Marriage has taught me so much about acceptance, letting be, letting go and forgiveness. Marriage has taught me about unconditional love, even if it means staying up till 2 am and arguing – because, you know, you’re not allowed to go to bed angry. 
The only way I could think of writing about our marriage was to quote from my wedding speech, but I can’t even find that. I am at a loss for words to say how much I love you.
Yes, I will probably always moan about the Grand Prix, but then I know I can at least watch an hour or two of Keeping up with the Kardashians without a single whinge from you. You’re good at compromise, better than I am. I will learn to compromise like you. 
Yes, we are both home bodies and there are the odd days where one of us wants to go out, but the other doesn’t. I promise, one day, we will both feel like going out at the same time. 
Yes, I will always try and push you off the couch and off the bed, steal the blankets, hog the dogs, eat all the chips, chocolate and popcorn, but when I am doing those things, I am in a zombified state. Yet, you still love me, even when you are shivering cold and have to use your arms as coverage.
Yes, you will always drive me nuts with your crazy made-up songs, your silly jokes, your whistling and your inclination to tickle me, pick me up and carry me around when I’m trying to cook, or get dressed, be all up in my face when I’m trying to get ready for work – but the minute you are not around, I miss all of those things. 
Even though we don’t get each others’ love language, I can say that we are each others’ love language. It’s the little things that outsiders don’t understand, that they find weird and perhaps demeaning, that make us work. Even though there are many uncertainties in our future, we are each others’ certainty. You are where I can confide, and where I can find confidence. You are where I can let go of all my negativity, and in return only find positivity.
Thank you for being the beautiful face I get to wake up to every day, and thank you for loving my face, even though you wake up to me every morning – matted hair, raccoon eyes, crazy left-over breath. You are my all. You are my best.
Forever yours,

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