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When I was a little girl, I would take a mirror from the wall and hold it against my waist, taking away the view of my feet and replacing it with the view of the ceiling. I would pretend that I am on some adventure and that I could walk upside down. It was outlandish, but it was a change of perspective and it kept me occupied for hours. 
Sometimes, all you need is a change of perspective to see the good instead of the bad, the healthy versus not-so-healthy. I was gaining a little bit of weight back since my wedding and even though I knew it and could feel it in my clothes, I didn’t really care about the packet of Nik Naks I just ate, because “I will eat healthier tomorrow” and “I will go back to gym tomorrow”.
 I didn’t realise that I was tired all the time, that I had no energy; but just changing my perspective towards healthy eating and following the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide, I have learnt so much! And boy am I happy that I started this guide, because have you seen what Cotton On has in store these days? I just bought myself a beautiful white dress the other day (I will still do the post on it, promise) and then learnt that the clever people here have launched the most beautiful bikinis this side of the equator!

 The lifestyle and fashion brand took note of the increasing healthy lifestyles and launched a range of active bikinis – no worrying about a wave knocking your bikini off and you showing your boobies to everyone here!

The Poolside Paradise collection features a blend of cheeky prints, bright and bold pops of colour, retro shapes and a mix and match approach to swimwear.

 In surfer and scuba-influenced fabrics like neoprene and mesh, with functional, sports-inspired detail, this range is designed with an active lifestyle.

Whether it’s paddle boarding, surfing or a morning beach run, these pieces combine the best elements swimwear and simple activewear. Think: industrial zips, high necks and racer backs. The clothing brand also opted for colours and bold patterns, to make you look extra super cute on the beach. They also added rouching, frills and fringing to make it more girly!

Even better is that Cotton On has also launched a range of active gear to help you get ready for that bikini body. I have spent many hours poring over the beautiful pieces at the Cotton On in Rosebank – the closest one with the active range. Hey Bedfodview, get on it! I want every single bright piece, it is just fabulous!

But now ladies, as we all know, getting that great bikini body isn’t just about excersise! I had to learn to eat more. And more often. So much more than I was used too. There were days where I felt a little bloated even and my cms didnt correlate with the “effort” I was putting in. But I started feeling different, by just eating different. By just nourishing your body, you can make it do so much more for you.

 I also recently went out with friends and had one small bottle of champagne and two shooters. The following day I was lethargic and couldnt even get off the couch. That could also be because Flip and I were dancing and jumping like crazies on the dancefloor til two in the morning. Side note: if you know Flip at all, you would know that he never ever dances, so I didn’t want the night to end and laughed so much just dancing with him that I didn’t care about the time. I swore off alcohol though, I hated how it made me feel. I learnt that you don’t need alcohol at all. It is all just empty calories.

So take care of your body girls, you only have one? And make it hot! PS: you can get the full summer catalogue by downloading it here.

Here’s to a better you and hot bikinis! Cheers

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  1. femmegypsy

    Looooove these active bikinis! My worst fear (okay, that is an exaggeration) is my bikini being ripped off by the sea! I have forwarded this to my ma and sis with the subject; “birthday list”. yay


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