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Whoa 2014! You were one crazy jallopy of a ride and I am I glad to finally unsaddle you and put a new saddle on the young mare named 2015. I hope the new year is a gentle, easy and enjoyable year with many more highlights than lowlights. The past year was honestly one of the toughest years of my life, and although I am not going into details about everything, I have had to battle many personal challenges., such as loss, cancer, BEING MARRIED, finances (who doesn’t battle finance?). Many of these challenges will continue into the new year, but it should be easier.

But despite all these awful and harrowing lows, I still had some really high highs!

 I recounted our visit to Van Gaalen Cheese Farm in Hartbeespoortdam and we visited the Mabalingwe Nature Reserve.

Although we didn’t travel during the month of love, I did show you how to make your own bunting and how to lose weight in an office environment. Further, I recounted our visit to the Hartbeespoortdam Cable Cars, and told you a story of an old struggling man. I gave a mouse a bath, gave tips for travelling on a strict budget, went to Kaapsehoop, went to the Fourways Farmer’s Market, Queen street in Kensington, and spent a weekend in Irene, Pretoria and celebrated our first MARRIED anniversary.

 May 2015 have many highlights for you and your family and may you be blessed with an abundance of love and joy!


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  1. Caley-Jade Rosenberg

    I am amazed at how every year things go faster, more tears are cried but more fun times had,, memories and friends made, loved ones lost and so much more… It’s all a part of our plan.
    Sending you best wishes over the festive season Meg and wishing you a fantastic 2015!


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