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Everybody’s favourite pet food manufacturer Hill’s has made the month of love extra cute! When you buy food for your furries – which are definitely my first love {don’t tell my husband} – make sure to grab a bag of Hill’s, as you will receive a pet food storage bin for free when you buy two selected bags of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance food.
These super cute and super gorgeous foodie bins in sizes of 5 kg and 15 kg – worth R250! and R500! – are a practical and did I mention super cute way to store bulky bags of food. We currently have a bin that cannot seal, and let me tell you, the mice are having a jol!

At least Minkie is a little ratter and she catches a mouse at least once a week. Unlike cats {cat food also counts for this promotion, you guys!}, she is nice enough not to bring the mouse trophy to show us how good she did. She just leaves them in the kitchen, or outside, somewhere, which I usually find when eating – appetite gone in seconds.
 Just tweet the following:
Get your free foodie bin when you buy 2 bags @HillspetSA! cc @waitingformeg

No Jetrhos were harmed during this photoshoot.
Doesn’t he look like a moonchild?

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