How a scar changed my life

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When I was about 21 I had a mole removed, a malignant mole. It wasn’t done by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, but just a regular house doctor. The mole was on my lower shoulder, between my shoulder blade and arm and as it ‘healed’, I could see that something was terribly wrong. It… Read more »

Ampersand Social Stationery {feature + giveaway}

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Inspired by folly, raw emotion, expansion, blowy romances, typewriter writing, fantasy world dwelling, fun fair happy living – as she puts it on her website – Lelanie Slater delved into the world of stationery, with its myriad of opportunities and dubbed it Ampersand Social Stationery. “Ampersand is a logogram for the conjunction word ‘and’ (&)…. Read more »

SO LONG 2014

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Whoa 2014! You were one crazy jallopy of a ride and I am I glad to finally unsaddle you and put a new saddle on the young mare named 2015. I hope the new year is a gentle, easy and enjoyable year with many more highlights than lowlights. The past year was honestly one of… Read more »

The Sun House guide to a Romantic Bedroom

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I’m a bit of a romantic. An undying, hopeless one at that. While I like most areas of my life to be simple, my decor, my dress sense, my no-fuss hair, I do love a bit of a romantic side of life and I love being spoilt by intricate, well-planned events or presents (Dear Flip,… Read more »

CottonNest {feature + giveaway}

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The idea started with making something that was seen to be “old fashioned” new and modern again. With passion in their hearts for crochet and the happiness they feel when  creating something beautiful with cotton thread, Elsje van Zyl and Jane Delport turned their addiction to crocheting into a business in 2012, and CottonNest was born. “We… Read more »

Beach Essentials

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If you are one of the lucky people who get to visit the coast this year,  you will obviously need some goodies to take to the beach with you. Someone on the radio said this morning that it is far cheaper to have a coastal holiday than stay at home and have to pay the… Read more »

Road Trip Essentials

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There are exactly 50 days left over in this year of 2014. Fifty days! Can you believe that? This also means that the holiday season is on its way and all us Joburgers will be invading the coast like Independence Day (the movie, you know? Ugh, forget it). I’m also counting down the 46 days… Read more »