Adri and Luke, Nov 1

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On November 1, we attended Flip’s little cousin Adri’s wedding. I cannot believe she is married already! When I arrived at the venue, a camera was shoved in my hands and I had to take pictures, as I usually have to do at any event that involves a camera. {Disclaimer, I am not a professional… Read more »

It’s bikini season!

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When I was a little girl, I would take a mirror from the wall and hold it against my waist, taking away the view of my feet and replacing it with the view of the ceiling. I would pretend that I am on some adventure and that I could walk upside down. It was outlandish,… Read more »

Irrational Fears vs Stupidity

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I read somewhere that Charles Dickens was the first person, and author, to make the connection between clowns and fear. Years later, another brilliant author Stephen King penned the fear down in the form of Pennywise the clown in IT, a book and movie that still haunt me to this day. But my clourophobia –… Read more »

Moois & Meer {feature + giveaway}

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Simply (although not shortly) translated, Moois & Meer Coterie means “All That Is Pretty & More, made by persons with a common purpose”. One look at their online anthology and you will clearly see that the two brains behind Moois & Meer Coterie – Marnhe and Anelda – who are also cousins, have an eye… Read more »

Cute last minute halloween costume ideas

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Hellooo lovelies! So, I have a dillema – I’ve been invited to a halloween party, but halloween isn’t really a thing in South Africa – we don’t really celebrate it, me the least as I have my own views on it, but now that it’s a dress up party and it falls on the traditional… Read more »

Kantine Deluxe {Berlin}

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Choosing a restaurant for lunch in Berlin is tricky; no, near impossible. With ample cafés, five-star restaurants and food stalls on every corner of the old {or as my bike tour guide said: young in terms of European standards} city, I walked around the city centre for almost an hour before deciding on a perfect… Read more »

Married for an ENTIRE year

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I think congratulations are in order. Congratulations to my husband for not killing me in the last year and congratulations to me not going entirely crazy in the first year – which is supposed to be the HARDEST year. All jokes aside, we celebrated our first year wedding anniversary this weekend and I could not… Read more »