Love Locks Come to Pretoria {giveaway}

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It has always been on my bucket list. To lock our love and names on the famous – now infamous – Pontes de Arts and then chuck our keys into the Seine. I don’t know how and when it started, but there is something awfully romantic about love locks, a reminder of the unbreakable bond… Read more »

Queen Street, Kensington

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If your’e looking for something to do this weekend that won’t involve crowds or noise, but still want to get out of the house, then Queen Street in Kensington is the place to go. Cheeky in its name, and sometimes bustling, the street is home to antique shops, restaurants, beauty salons and a German pub… Read more »

Spoil your pups this month with Hill’s

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My dogs are spoilt, and when I say spoilt I mean they sleep in bed with us. All three of them. Every night requires a little strategic planning to get them all in their spots. And sometimes, it can be a bit disruptive to sleep.  So, I was more than relieved when Hill’s Pet Nutrition… Read more »

Fourways Farmers Market {a city outing}

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Yesterday, an article by Times Live stated that Johannesburg is the unfriendliest city in the world. It made my blood boil, because I could think of a million other cities that are not friendly – hey, the whole conflict in Gaza comes to mind, not very friendly there, are they? There is also this inter-city… Read more »

Summer is around the corner – skirt season!

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I just realised that come Friday, August 1, we are exactly one month away from Spring! That means there is only one month of August winds to get through before the month of renewal starts – September – new flowers, new babies in nature, new fashion, new everything!I am most excited to share that The… Read more »

A guide to oats – not just for eating

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If you are banting, or Tim Noakes-ing or SleekGeek-ing or doing something that Kim Kardashian might do – God knows you cannot call it dieting, it is a lifestyle change – then this post is not for you, because it is loaded with the carbohydrates, the devil’s choice of food. But, if you are into… Read more »