Coffee and Chocolate expo

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Imagine finding yourself in Willy Wonka’s factory, but instead of all kinds of sweets, you find chocolate. Any and every kind you can think of – small slabs, big slabs; artisinal chocolate; chocolate with no milk and no sugar; chocolate with coffee , chocolate with chilli, chocolate with salt; berries in chocolate; fudge!  Now imagine… Read more »

Motif/Bear&Bloom Feature {+giveaway}

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When you have boundless creativity, a beautiful inspirational family {including a little baby girl with the biggest blue eyes you ever did see} and immense talent, then you might sound like a fictional character, or someone featuring in an overseas magazine – you know, those ones that looks like Pinterest on a page. But, in… Read more »

Win double tickets to the Coffee & Chocolate Expo

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The day journalists were introduced to coffee, the world changed. We basically look and sound like early man, muttering inaudible words, being the most obstinate creatures God has ever made. Until we have that first cup of java, until it starts surging through our veins, until we can open our eyes and smell that heavenly… Read more »

Cucumbers – Nature’s Miracle

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Besides having one of nature’s most amazing smells – other than vanilla – cucumbers are probably the most underrated vegetable. It is honestly a little miracle plant, any beauty or fitness guru will vouch for that. In fact, cucumbers are considered one of the healthiest foods on earth! Not only does it rid your body… Read more »

Ufilm Feature

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The other day someone asked me if there is anything I would have changed on my wedding day. Something immediately popped up in my mind. Video. I really regret not having any video footage of this big, momentous day in my life. I miss the fact that all the private jokes, the preparation of the… Read more »

Strawberry cake can make anyone happy

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With the three-degree weather that just crept into Johannesburg overnight, a sense of negativity has also crept in, nestling itself in my bones. I really am not a fan of the cold and with a house that has only two north-facing windows, you can just imagine how cold it gets. To top this off, we… Read more »