Bay Tree Decor

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Three girls, a candle and a coffee shop. This is the best way to describe last Saturday morning/afternoon. Oh, and add endless chats, laughter, amazing brunch and decor to the mix and you have a pretty good time! I met up with Tamzin from Femmegypsy and Ali from Seams and Silhouettes at the new Forest… Read more »

A book with life

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I like second hand books. Not because they are cheaper than the brand new ones, but because of their condition. It pains me to start reading a new book. I realised this as I was sitting in an Exclusive Books today.  I was waiting for Flip after work, for a sushi date. I levitated around… Read more »

Have Mice, Will Care

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It is 10:35 PM. Winter had ensconced itself outside, its frigid grip on Joburg tightening; inside I’m ensconced on the couch with three terrier companions. I can’t sleep, somewhere inside me is an endless source of energy. A message from my husband asks me to “come to bed”. He is only six metres down the… Read more »

You are my best friend

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He talks fast and a lot when he has been alone for a long time, like he needs to get the thoughts out of his mind as quickly as possible. It rushes out of him like a word avalanche. I have to ask him to keep quiet just so I can gather enough thoughts for… Read more »

Kaapsehoop {travel}

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There is a little town in South Africa that has only about 200 residents, where you are greeted with a signpost that its children, dogs and horses run free – it is the only place in South Africa where wild herds of horses occur, with the closest other place in Namibia. This is Kaapsehoop. Or… Read more »

Savvy Sisters Wine Club Experience

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Who wants to read about Lady Chatterley’s Lover over Tuc’s crackers and wine spritzers at a book club, when you can blend your own wine, experience a new restaurant and scrumptious food every last Tuesday of the month? If you choose the book club, say I. Not many I’s right? Last night I learnt about… Read more »

10 tips for travelling on a very strict budget

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Travelling the weekend before pay day is not wise, let met tell you. It is budget this and budget that – no, you can’t have that chocolate, because not only will it make you fat, you will probably need that R10 for toll money. We had to turn around before a toll gate because I… Read more »