Cause it’s hot, hot, hot!

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I don’t feel like I have experienced summer yet. The other day, Monday I believe, I sat in our office with a nice woolly jacket and a cashmere (just had to lay it on you) scarf. During lunch time, I drifted off to the local Pick and Pay to buy some foodies and a nice… Read more »

Painting patch up

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Yesterday, I gave my drawer cabinet its second coat, which it pretty much needed. But with all the rain pouring down in Johannesburg, I was in quite a hurry to finish painting and as I moved on to the last panel, I bumped the dustbin on which the can of paint was resting on. HORROR!… Read more »

So the story begins

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My boyfriend and I have been living together for a few months now and recently tried to buy a house. To our disappointment, followed by a mild depression from yours truly, the banks of South Africa would not grant us a loan. Bahambug on toast with jam! But, luckily I had the festive season to… Read more »

Blogging seriously now

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Before I start, let met just start by saying that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. And thus, I have absconded from micro-blogging platform which we all know as tumblr. With no offense to the micro-blogging world, the festering hearts of teenage girls and art (rather fart) of following some people based… Read more »