{DIY} Hessian bunting!

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Can bunting ever get old? I doubt it. It is such an easy, cute and pretty way to spruce up any party. We definitely thought it was something that had to be at our wedding and soon my mom (the most amazing woman on earth) started gathering materials to MAKE bunting for the garden area… Read more »

Wedding Table Numbers {DIY}

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Our wedding might have been almost three months ago, but I still have so much to share. And with all the time and effort my dear mother put into all the little details, it would just not be fair to her to not share her amazing handy work. We did almost everything decor related by… Read more »

Two birds came along

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Once upon a time there was a girl. She liked making things with her hands, she discovered, and she decided to pursue this like. It had taken many forms in her life, ideas that would sometimes be too big for her brain and hands to comprehend and were given up halfway, such as the extra… Read more »

I made this, I did

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It’s a strawberry. It is. I am very proud to showcase my handy work to you today! Ha! Anyone that knows me, knows that there are a few things I am entirely incapable of. This includes cooking, cleaning, sewing a button on a shirt, working a hemline. Well basically anything that was expected from a… Read more »

It is time!

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Drumroll people. I have been working on this drawer cabinet since the beginning of January. Actually, in my head, I have been working on this thing since I inherited it from my ex-flatmate who immigrated to Namibia. The story: After the flatmate had left, he also left a few of his belongings, among them a… Read more »