Road Trip Essentials

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There are exactly 50 days left over in this year of 2014. Fifty days! Can you believe that? This also means that the holiday season is on its way and all us Joburgers will be invading the coast like Independence Day (the movie, you know? Ugh, forget it). I’m also counting down the 46 days… Read more »

Friday Fancies: Fashion that upsets me

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Today’s Friday Fancies will not be about clothes or style I am yearning after, but something I detest.  This is a bit of a rant. And no, it’s not about someone wearing a fur coat to a red carpet event, because let’s face it, no matter how many times people throw red paint on that… Read more »

Friday Fancies: in love with Lace

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Tomorrow I am going for my first wedding dress fitting, and to be honest, I have been taking calming pills like they are sweets. If I’m this bad now, how on earth am I going to cope the actual week before the wedding, or the day of? We might have to invest in horse tranquilisers…. Read more »

Friday Fancies: outfit crushes

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I’m a bit grumpy today. Last night some guy drove past our house with his music so loud that all the windows started vibrating. I thought it was the Rapture. To you, guy, who plays music that only people on face-eating superdrugs can listen to so loud at three in the morning, I would like… Read more »

Friday Fancies – New Year, New You

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A new year always holds the symbolism of rejuvenation, of reinventing yourself and trying to make a better situation of your life, whether it be a new job {like me, who will be an editor as of Monday}, a better body, better relationships with your friends and family or any area in your life that… Read more »

Friday Fancies: dress yourself

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I am loving this week’s Friday Fancies theme, as it calls for us girls to choose an outfit we would wear everyday, something we would dress ourselves in. Tomorrow is a friend of mine, her boyfriend and my birthday party, combined. She had her birthday on Tuesday, mine is on Monday and his is on… Read more »