I had to give up

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Today I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I just couldn’t go on with it anymore, the relationship was too addictive and not good for my health, and it had to be done. Even though this will be a trialling time and I will have moodswings, I know that giving up… Read more »

Vovo Telo Bedfordview

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Over the weekend, we were too lazy to cook food, or go and buy groceries. Also, I was a bit ill and didn’t have an appetite, so we headed out to town in search for some grub and dropped in at quaint little bakery/coffeeshop Vovo Telo, only a few kilometres from our house. I had… Read more »

Ice Cream in Parkhurst

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Today’s post is brought to you in pain. I, a {pretty responsible} twenty-five year old threw caution to the wind on Saturday and moshed and headbanged into the early hours of Saturday. What? They were playing some of my favourite rock songs! I pretended to be a groupie and just went mad. Needless to say,… Read more »

“Almost sugar-free” granadilla and berry slush

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It is hot! I haven’t really felt the heat, as I am stuck in the office most of the time, and in there I wear a nice thick jacket. In short, it is bloody cold with the aircon! But for those odd days that I am not in the office, oh let’s call it weekends,… Read more »

Homemade goodness!

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I was feeling a bit hungry today, waiting for lunch time and not really feeling like I wanted to get up and eat rice krispies at half past twelve. You can either have breakfast for breakfast, and breakfast for dinner. But I don’t believe in breakfast for midday munchies.But then again, if you haven’t had… Read more »

I scream, you scream….yeaaah

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Last night I was writing a guest post (I’ll let you know when it’s up. I’m not sure when) Anyhoo, this post contained something very dear to my heart. Creamy, cold, crunchy. Lovely! I just have to profess my undying love for the little amazingness that is Ice Cream. I love you Ice Cream. I… Read more »

A glance at my weekend…

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Hello Lovelies! Is it really August already? Where did this year fly? This month will hold a few big things for me. It’s only four days till my first Oppikoppi, which I am extremely excited about! It’s my mom’s birthday month and Flip and I will celebrate being together one year and three months. I… Read more »