When bad goes to worse goes to shit

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This weekend was supposed to be  a breakaway for Flip and myself. We both had pretty hectic and rough schedules the past few weeks and we were planning to go to Parys, in the Free State to have a rest. Its about an hour’s drive from Joburg, so it was ideal for a weekend. We… Read more »

Dogs, clouds, roses

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It was my faja’s birthday last week Thursday, but we only had time to go say ‘Happy Aging to you’ yesterday. And instead of taking photos of the proceedings, I took photos of other stuff such as dogs, flowers and clouds. At her most beautiful An English Rose His present The faja (taken at an… Read more »

Tribute to the greatest dog in the world

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I know that everyone loves to say how their dog is the smartest thing on earth and how they know all the tricks in the book and everything that goes with great dogs. Well, I would like to tell you about my mutt, my little beautiful rottweiller x staffie which understands every single word spoken… Read more »