The book of love: the prequel

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Every time The book of love by Peter Gabriel starts playing my iTunes, I curse. Like someone with tourettes. It’s usually along the lines of “shit, dammit, I love this song!” Yes, I’m paradoxical like that. This isn’t the only that stirs me up, for example, One Day by Elbow, Tomorrow by James and a whole array of other songs has… Read more »

We are moving!

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This is mine. Not only is it mine. It is ours. It is Flip and I’s first house. That we bought. Together! We have signed the papers earlier this month, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to post about the house yet, as I was (still am) not a fan of how the house… Read more »

To my future husbandguy

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My beau has been away this whole week on a business trip and I absolutely hate it. I have a foolhardy little fear of being alone or even worse, being alone in the dark. And although I had a friend of mine stay over this week to keep me company, unforeseen circumstances came up and… Read more »

Tribute to the greatest dog in the world

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I know that everyone loves to say how their dog is the smartest thing on earth and how they know all the tricks in the book and everything that goes with great dogs. Well, I would like to tell you about my mutt, my little beautiful rottweiller x staffie which understands every single word spoken… Read more »