Tori Amos in South Africa

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“Let’s just pretend that we are all sitting in my lounge, just having a good evening. I’ll take some requests, I got them here. And even if I don’t play them tonight, I’ll play them another night,” she said. The crowd reacted with cheers, perhaps a few tears were shed by the most die-hard fans…. Read more »

My bucket list: Kings of Leon

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Or as my cousin likes to put it: ‘Queens of Lyonne’. He isn’t a fan, but admitted that they should be commended for sounding live like they do in studio, unlike groups such as the Black Eyed Peas. I won’t go into what he calls them. It’s in Afrikaans and it’s rude. I have been… Read more »

Instead of Travel Tuesday I want…

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A little bit of a blog discussion. Unfortunately, I am not able to bring you Travel Tuesday today, but I would like to give my two cents. Last night I watched an HBO special: Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden. No doubt this woman is a powerhouse, packed with an incredible voice, amazing… Read more »


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Inherently, I associate my hometown with boerewors rolls, volkspele and church bazaars, very bad Afrikaans music, and people who paint themselves blue on Saturdays. In comes folk/electronica band Fulka and shakes these foundations on which I have built Pretoria. Since their ‘Mystery of the Seven Stars’ album’s release last year October, this Polish-inspired quintuplet have… Read more »

Taxi Violence

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Americans think that they invented rock and roll, but if they were ever to search for the embodiment of crazy onstage personality, illustrious guitar riffs, a little bit of blues and overall fucking awesome rock ‘n roll, they would have to drop their KFC buckets, switch of their tellies and fly to South Africa. (No… Read more »

Deep Fried Man

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South Africa really does have a hell lot of talent when it comes to the music industry. And these days it seems that everyone wants to be a musician. Especially if you look at a certain South African music channel, which we will not mention here, with certain music videos such as Sexy Hoender (God… Read more »


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There is nothing on earth that can get me started like a tambourine and some good acoustics. Cue Oliver Tambourine by Wrestlerish and the world becomes something that would fit in my pocket. In short, this band, with its strong indie-pop influences literally inks its melodic songs into the music industry’s veins. May they course… Read more »