I don’t know how to title this post

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On Wednesday, August 13, late afternoon I had a missed call on my phone. I had just come out of a meeting. It was my mom. I phoned back, expecting that the call would be to arrange something for her birthday, which is two days later. “Hallo mommy, how are you”? Not good comes the… Read more »

Most Unusual Places To Visit in SA

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I once read a quote that stated “If travel was free, you would never see me again” – and oh how this rings true for me. I was born with wanderlust, which gave my poor parents many of their grey hairs, as I would always wander off – be it in the Pick n Pay… Read more »

Ilundi {feature}

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Established in 2011, Ilundi began out of a need to find a well-priced, quality-manufactured leather bag to carry textbooks in. With no shortage of talent, Safia Stodel started designing and making her own bags. Soon, friends and family ordered designs, and she started supplying local boutiques with her handcrafted leather goods, while working out of… Read more »

Chickpea and tortilla salad

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I decided to turn a new page as a wife and actually start cooking for my husband and myself. Normally,  he would be the cook, but he has fallen into the convenience trap of making a stew or getting take-out – neither very healthy and you get tired of the same old dish all the… Read more »

Slick in the city in the new UP!

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On Friday, I betrayed my trusty old steed, Bliksaspaai, and got into the lap of a cherry red Volkswagen Up! Even though they are similar in size, my 2005 model lacked sorely in comparison, and I didn’t feel too bad about leaving it behind in the garage. It was just for one day! And although… Read more »

{WIN!} Get a Hills foodie bin this Feb!

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Everybody’s favourite pet food manufacturer Hill’s has made the month of love extra cute! When you buy food for your furries – which are definitely my first love {don’t tell my husband} – make sure to grab a bag of Hill’s, as you will receive a pet food storage bin for free when you buy… Read more »