Weekend wind-down

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I think I have upper respiratory tract infection. Well, that’s what WebMD says. Oh, I love google! But, I’m not surprised if this is the case, I think a bunch of people will agree with me that this weekend’s weather was absolutely gross. Meh! So my to-do list for today includes: buying Vicks cough medicine… Read more »

A little bird told me…

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Hey guys, I don’t know why I haven’t done this earlier, but in my defense I did have a link to it on my contact page. Whoa, what may I be talking about? This, of course! I now have a link in the sidebar of my page. Follow me on twitter tooo if you like


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I was just featured on Tracy at Forgetting Neverland’s blog. She started a new weekly feature, and I was lucky enough to be her first insert. Check it out!

Winner, winner! Chicken Dinner!

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Aah, what a way to start a Friday with a giveaway and a prize! I made use of the bona fide randomiser at random.org, and sure as daylight it chose number 6. So congratulations to Idele (she did entire twice, ya know!) for winning the awesome book! And thank you to all the other lovely… Read more »

It’s a giveaway!

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Yes, you read right! This is my very first own giveaway and today I give to you the most awesome of awesome!  This book I found in a little-bitty bookshop in Bedfordview might be the coolest thing since 1987 (yup, that was the year I was born). If you love anything general knowledge and all… Read more »