A weekend in Irene

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The best way to describe the Irene Country Lodge is as an escape from the city, in the city –  a breakaway from your home. Irene has long held a special place in my heart, it is one of the suburbs I covet, and would love to live in. It reminds me of the English… Read more »

Applying nail polish 101

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I am the worst girl ever. I somehow missed the boat on hair braiding and also didn’t pay attention in class when nail polish application was mentioned. For me, applying the perfect coat of nail polish on my fingernails is like asking someone in a weelchair to stand up – impossible. (Except if you’re Kanye,… Read more »

NinaKind feature + giveaway

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When looking at the history of fashion, it really is mind-boggling how much has changed. In the years pre- and post-World Wars, everything was handmade – something that is today considered a luxe item – but people didn’t really dare. Everyone wore crimpolene dresses {generalising much?} and if your dress had, for example, a floral… Read more »

Putting a lock on your love

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This weekend we did something spectacular, in the name of love – well, for me it is spectacular – and I am only getting around to writing about it now. Marriage is such a special and blessed thing, to spend the rest of you life with the person who knows all your quirks, your moodswings,… Read more »

Hello September! Welcome back dating!

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Spring is here! Last week was still so cold, but just like that, change came along! Warmer weather brings so much change in the environment around you and also ignites change in yourself. Have you noticed that you are just a little bit happier because it is Spring? With the warmer weather, I am also… Read more »

Running apps for women

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Tracking your running in terms of time and speed is nothing new. In the pre-smart phone years, people used stopwatches and wristwatches to see how fast they were going, how long it took them to run a certain distance and how they could improve on their time. But you couldn’t really measure your heart rate… Read more »

Love Locks Come to Pretoria {giveaway}

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It has always been on my bucket list. To lock our love and names on the famous – now infamous – Pontes de Arts and then chuck our keys into the Seine. I don’t know how and when it started, but there is something awfully romantic about love locks, a reminder of the unbreakable bond… Read more »