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It has always been on my bucket list. To lock our love and names on the famous – now infamous – Pontes de Arts and then chuck our keys into the Seine. I don’t know how and when it started, but there is something awfully romantic about love locks, a reminder of the unbreakable bond that marriage should be! 

Not every one is a fan, as recent campaigns have urged tourists to rahter take romantic selfies than put padlocks on their historic bridges. With hashtags like #notolovelocks, #lovewithoutlocks and #setyourlovefree, the City of Paris is trying to prevent another bridge collapsing under the immense weight of all these love declarations. 

That’s what makes the Love Lock ‘bridge’ coming to Magnolia Dal, Pretoria, in September so clever. It isn’t just a bridge but a custom designed architectural piece by Johan and Grete Wentzel from Wdesign that won’t damage the integrity of the bridge. 

 Through this project, the organisers of Marriage Week SA (from 1-7 September), INTIEM Tydskrif, in collaboration with Cool Capital, hope to encourage a renewed focus on the institution of marriage. To register for Marriage Week, click here.

Our vision with this project is to see how thousands of married South African couples declare their eternal promises to each other by means of permanently attaching these love locks to this newly constructed bridge,” Says Liezel van der Merwe, Managing Editor at INTIEM magazine and head organiser of International Marriage Week.
The Love Bridge will be inaugurated during a special event with famous couples, and the public can buy their tickets at iTicketsEach couple present, will receive a lock to engrave their names onto and will have the opportunity to be one of the first couples to close their locks onto the bridge.
The organisers of Marriage Week are excited to get Cool Capital involved with this project. The goal of Cool Capital Biennale 2014 is to introduce the public to art, architecture, urban and graphic design, and in this manner, bring visual, perceptual and actual change to Pretoria.
Marriage Week SA is an initiative in collaboration with INTIEM magazine and 1Life, that strives to make people aware of just how important stable marriages are for the wellbeing of our nation. Through this the organisers hope to inspire couples around South-Africa to once again focus on the wellbeing of their marriage.
To stand a chance of winning one of two tickets to the unveiling of the Love Lock Bridge in Magnolia Dal, on 6 September, you can just share this tweet: “RT I want to win an engraved lovelock with @intiemtydskrif and The Sun House. cc @waitingformeg #tshlovelocks” 
This competition is only open to people in Gauteng.
 Top Three Love Lock Bridges in the World

1. Pont des Arts – Paris 
The most famous of the lot, the bridge has caused some controversy when it collapsed in June. {image from here}

 2. Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany
Not too far from the Paris love bridge, is this old bridge over the Cologne river. {image from here}

3. N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea 

Perhaps learning from the mistakes of Paris, this place of love declaration 
has seven trees to put your locks on. {image from here}


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If your’e looking for something to do this weekend that won’t involve crowds or noise, but still want to get out of the house, then Queen Street in Kensington is the place to go.

Cheeky in its name, and sometimes bustling, the street is home to antique shops, restaurants, beauty salons and a German pub – De Kneipe – frequented by roughians and hipster alike.

The street might not look like much at first, but the secret is that you have to go into every shop and every nook and cranny. The shops are all old houses that were converted and you’d be surprised how big some of them can be! When you find yourself in Queen Street, make sure to see the following spots:

The Rusty Lady

We ate lunch here on the day we went exploring Queen Street. Besides its wonderful atmosphere and amazing food, The Rusty Lady was also a homicide scene last year, when one of the managers killed a waitress and stuffed her in the store room. We only learnt about this after we had eaten there. If murderous scenes are not your kind of thing, well then there are other options.

Cafe 141

Take really good friends to get really good pizza!

Europe Coffee

This little restaurant makes you feel like you are transported to a street cafe in old Italy. A favourite during lunch hour in the week.

Pastaleria Princesa

If Portguese food is your forte, and you are into shows like Cheers and Friends, where the same people return to the same restaurant, then you need to pop in here. It’s the restaurant I used in the first picture in this post ^^^^

However, if antiquing is more your thing, or you just like to discover old, quirky and unusual stuff, then have a sniff around all the little shops.

These include Kensington Trading; The Yard – which sources and sells what they like to call architectural antiques; Ye  Olde Collector; and Barter Buy Antiques – which also rents out their props to movie sets and dabbles in interior design – also my personal favourite to snoop around in, as it has endless hallways and rooms and nooks crammed with titbits.

The suburb of Kensington has a colourful and vibrant history, still evident in the lingering antique stores. The suburb was formed 1897 by Max Langerman and has seen many changes throughout the years. If you are into history like I am, read Jean Collen’s account on living in Kensington in the late 50s. It is fascinating.


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My dogs are spoilt, and when I say spoilt I mean they sleep in bed with us. All three of them. Every night requires a little strategic planning to get them all in their spots. And sometimes, it can be a bit disruptive to sleep. 

So, I was more than relieved when Hill’s Pet Nutrition sent me a doggy pillow, for my furries to chill outin! I thought they would then sleep on it at night. This is still in progress. I love that the material is tough and robust, so it stands a chance against Mila – unlike my furniture. And it’s a slipcover, so it can be cleaned easily. My three already jumped on it with muddy feet!

You can get your hands on these pillows or a doggy donut this August, while stocks last from participating vets and vet outlets by purchasing selected bags of Hill’s Science Plan Canine. 

Buy two small (2.5 or 3kg) bags of Hill’s Science Plan Canine Mini to receive a doggy donut, worth R250. To receive a giant lazy pillow, worth R350, buy two big (11kg or 12kg) bags of Hill’s Science Plan Canine. Click here for more details.

These comfy beds are available in a variety of colours so you are sure to find one to match your style! I got the grey and white, which is perfect; but it is also available in blue or red. 

Now, excuse me, I just need to go buy some Hill’s so I can get another pillow. My two girls refuse to lie on the pillow if the other girl is on the pillow. Silly puppies. 

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Yesterday, an article by Times Live stated that Johannesburg is the unfriendliest city in the world. It made my blood boil, because I could think of a million other cities that are not friendly – hey, the whole conflict in Gaza comes to mind, not very friendly there, are they? There is also this inter-city conflict between Joburg and Cape Town about who has the best city – and we all know it’s both right – but CT ended up 8th on the list of friendliest cities on earth. PAH! Just ask someone who has lived in Cape Town and they will tell you how utterly clique-driven that city is.

Also, I don’t think the survey-conveyor has ever been to Joburg, or to any of its markets for that matter. Want to see friendly people? Go to a Joburg market! Or a dog park. Heck, just stand in an effing queue at your local shopping centre. We are a happy city and its people are full of smiles. We like flirting in traffic, smile at the beggars and their funny tricks, chat to random people almost anywhere – heck, it’s like we are a small Free State dorpie, damn it! And we LOVE our dogs, collectively, as a city. We take them everywhere – parks, restaurants, fairs, markets. People who love dogs cannot be unfriendly!

So take back your inconsiderate survey! And come to a Joburg market! The other day, we went to the Fourways Farmers Market, across the road from Montecasino, and what a real treat this was.  I enjoyed getting out of our cold house and into the warm winter-sun. Sometimes, a little sunshine is all you need to lift your mood.

We had to park quite far from the entrance and I overheard a lot of people walking towards the market that it has never been that full before. Perhaps it was the combination of Christmas in July, or the Motherland band that was launching their EP that drew the crowds, but when we entered it was packed. Families were plonked everywhere, kids were running around, people were having some awesome craft beer and even better food.

With more than 50 stalls – most of them food-related – the market is a quick way to get yourself out of cooking Sunday lunch – winning. And with tasty delicacies including Philly Cheese Steaks and Pulled Pork Ciabattas, it also kept my husband very happy (he loves American cuisine). We also loved being able to taste almost everything before we bought it – from the sweet chilli halloumi, which was out of this world, to the guava jam and chilli sauces. We walked away with this big jar of guava jam and it has taken a lot of restraint to not eat the whole jar already. The problem with tasting as you go, is that you are too full to eat proper food at the end.

At the stall where Flip got his lunch, a pulled pork sandwich, the owner of the stall gave us some ribs as tasters – while we were waiting in the queue. I dropped my ribbetjie, but the owner was more than happy to offer me another one. And was that meat tender! It was scrumptious!

There were quiches and fudges and cookies and biltong and everything you can imagine under the tents. Another special touch is the Maypole Ribbon Marquee, which looks like Spring all year round, the haybale sitting areas, the beautiful plants everywhere, the kiddies play area and of course, the friendly people! We were having such a jol watching the band, it was really vibey and people were dancing and cheering and just being all round awesome.

It was a Sunday afternoon well spent and just goes to show 
that Joburgers are happy, lovely, friendly people.

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My gym contract expired on Friday. It is something I knew was coming, but something I also feared. I knew I would not be able to renew my contract at this time, because I am currently trying to save up for three huge things. And fear, because I have sort of grown addicted to the gym – following my 12 kg weight shed – and I was not going back to the way I was before.
The first thing I have to save up for is rebuilding a wall and a wooden window at our house, after it almost burned down when a generator caught fire. Claiming from insurance was not an option as the excess would have been more than the claim itself.
That is the biggest thing. The second is an upcoming trip to Berlin, in September. Euros and rands are anything but friends at the moment, so just trying to buy a sparkling water will be equivalent there what a decent meal at a decent restaurant here in SA would be.
And finally is a trip to Cape Town over New Years, which I cannot be more excited about. I have never been in Cape Town in summer and also haven’t been there long enough to be a tourist, so I am out of my skin excited for this little endeavour.
Ah, the gym then. I thought about paying my monthly membership upfront, but at every single gym I went to in my area, it was R850 a month; ludicrous in itself and also reeking of a cartel. Will someone with some detective skills come and expose this? Thank you.
So, this finally lead me to moving my funds around and seeing the bright side in not having a gym contract – and thank you Keri for introducing me {and so many other South Africans} to this – but I got the Kayla Itsines guide. And oh my goodness, does it look like it is worth it, you just have to look at her instagram to see how amazing it is and get hooked. Firstly, it was less than the monthly gym membership and secondly – it runs for 12 weeks. SCORE! I also got a few friends to join in and we started a whatsapp group to encourage each other and have a place to complain about our sore muscles 😉

Side note: I am honestly struggling in myself {just thinking about it} about posting before and after pictures. So you and I will have to see if I actually document this journey of mine with pictures. I feel that, as a married woman, I don’t know if it is okay to share images of my body with people other than my husband – and close friends – and I also feel that I’m not going to be very modest if I do it. Also, nothing against women who have the confidence to do this, I have the urmost respect for you! But I guess it is a struggle I will have to figure out in the meantime. Maybe I could just wear pants instead of boy shorts.Or maybe I will only limit my progress pics to my instagram account? Follow me on @waitingformeg

I quite liked how Nikki over herecategorised her journey with the guide – and call me an unoriginal blogger all you like – I thought I would use it to point out why I am doing this and what I am expecting of the guide.
What I Want To Achieve:
Last year, I went on a turn-around journey to get in shape and look amazing on my wedding day. I succeeded in losing 12 kilograms, which is a lot {for me anyways} – you can read about that story here– and although I lost all this weight, I was never really toned. I still had my stomach, which has always been a problem area and I still felt like I had big thighs. So, I am embarking on this twelve-week challenge to become hot-as-fuck. No jokes. I want to be toned as all hell. And look amazing in my bikini when I am prancing around in Camps Bay or Clifton. I mean, have you actually seen the people frequenting these beaches? It is like Adonis decided to live in CT and just have kids there. Also, I am sick and tired of always feeling so very self-conscious about my body and I feel that this guide will make me feel less so. Also, having to hear your whole life that you are less than average also makes me want to feel more than average.
Then there is little thing called pregnancy. No, I’m not pregnant yet, but I hope to be some day. And I have seen what pregnancy has done to girls my age – they become whole new {and by new, I mean 40 kg heavier} people – and quite frankly, I feel that I had to work so damn hard just to lose that 12 kg before my wedding that I don’t want to go through all this drama again after having my first kid. The fitter you are, the easier your body bounces back.
So yes, I am superficial as heck.

Side note: can you believe that people have actually asked me, and I kid you flippen not, why I haven’t picked up the weight again? Some are innocent, like how have you managed to keep the weight off? And others are seriously blatantly rude. This sounds like a rant. It isn’t. Not-rant over//
What to expect:
Kayla warns in her guide that you should at least have some degree of fitness when you decide to tackle her challenge. Luckily, I was a little gym fit and a little stairs fit – climbing six flights of stairs every day at work seems to help a little – and I was major into cardio – pushing myself to run at least 5 km every day {which people told me was such a bad thing to do} and then I got sick for a while and didn’t really gym as much as I used to, so I really am not in my best shape. I used to be able to do burpees with push-ups, now I can hardly do one push-up. So I hope to reach that level of fitness again.
But, yesterday was my first day of the guide and it was AWESOME! It was hard, yes, and I was out of breath and I was tired and today I am stiff, but I felt like I had achieved something already. I cannot wait to pack this challenge head on and coming out the best version of myself I have ever been. Here’s to being awesome! CHEERS!


 All other pictures is Kayla Itsines


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I just realised that come Friday, August 1, we are exactly one month away from Spring! That means there is only one month of August winds to get through before the month of renewal starts – September – new flowers, new babies in nature, new fashion, new everything!

I am most excited to share that The Sun House will also be starting a new project in September, which is still in the works and cannot be shared too much as yet. But keep your eyes open, it is going to be great! 

Keeping with the spirit of renewal, this coming month is the ideal time to get your body in shape! I am starting a new fitness programme soon, which I will also share more about later on. The thought of getting my body all ready for summer makes me even more excited, because Mr Price has just launched some amazing new skirts for the coming sunny months! 

 The Midi Skater
 Anyone can master the midi this summer! Mr Price suggests pairing yours with a pastel tee and some retro sunnies for a flirty daytime look. When the sun dips, team yours with a crop top or a tucked in, fluffy pullover. Then, push the princess appeal with a pair of strappy heels and some statement bling! I suggest bringing it into your every day office gear.  Carry the patterned theme through from your top, to the flowers on your skirt, to the little cut outs on your brogues.

 photo mrpoffice.jpg

 The Mini Bodycon
Summer’s shortest skirt is guaranteed to keep you cool while looking hot! Available in hot, tropical prints, the mini will have you turning heads from the AM to PM. Pair yours with a matching top or mix it up with a graphic tee and sandals for easy summer style. Then, take the look into night with some wedges and a bright, chunky necklace!
 photo mrpdate.jpg

 Day or night, the midi bodycon works! Dress it down with a statement sweat and sneakers or glam it up with a bandeau top and metallic heels. Matchy-matchy sets are going to be huge for summer too. Complete the look with a head-turning accessory that’ll make your prints pop!


 photo mrpparty.jpg

*This post is sponsored by Mr Price

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If you are banting, or Tim Noakes-ing or SleekGeek-ing or doing something that Kim Kardashian might do – God knows you cannot call it dieting, it is a lifestyle change – then this post is not for you, because it is loaded with the carbohydrates, the devil’s choice of food.
But, if you are into a healthy balanced lifestyle and eating plan – ala Linn Lowes or Kayla Itsines – then please read on about the magic of oats. It isn’t just for eating, so even though you are banting or Tim Noakes-ing, you could still benefit from this informative post. {Also, just a cautionary disclaimer: I have nothing against people who don’t eat carbs, in fact, I envy your will power}.
Now, we constantly hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, obviously because it kick starts your metabolism after not eating for 8 hours – dependent on how long you slept – so here are a few ways to spruce those mornings up; especially if you are a serial breakfast avoider like me.
// The newest trend seems to be overnight oats. Say what? Yes, that was my initial reaction. Well, according to this Buzzfeed article. . .it is similar to oatmeal except thicker, fluffier, and served cold. You make it by soaking raw rolled oats in liquid — usually milk or soy milk — overnight in the fridge. A basic recipe for overnight oats is one part raw rolled oats and one part cold milk . . . and then add whatever the heck you feel like, as long as it healthy, of course. Check this pomegranate {love!} andcocoa nibs oats if you are looking for a delicious additive. 
// Not big on eating in the mornings, but still keen on getting that metabolism into gear? Smoothies are the easiest solution. I absolutely recommend this peach and oats blend-up, that should keep you full for a few hours!
// I am totally down for oats bars – looks like chocolate; has bit of health’ier’ dark chocolate in it and is easy and quick to make and devour. Also, you get a little bit of quinoa {superfood rejoice!} and cherries in with this awesome granola bar recipe.  Replace the sugar with a healthy alternative like honey or xylitol.

// There are many products on the market that try and capture the healthy properties of oats, but owing to additives and preservatives, I have found that these products often wreak havoc on my skin. The solution? Making your own oats and honey facial scrub. The oats will remove all the dead skin, no problem.
// I’ve often heard and read about having herbal tea baths, but have you heard about a herbal oat bath? It will sort out dry skin in an instant, while the added herbs will ensure a relaxing pampering session.
// Lastly, is a cream that will relieve the itchiness of winter, while also battling against eczema, added bonus! The oat milk dream cream, made by draining oats, will leave your skin smooth and glowing at the same time.