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Aah, what a way to start a Friday with a giveaway and a prize! I made use of the bona fide randomiser at, and sure as daylight it chose number 6. So congratulations to Idele (she did entire twice, ya know!) for winning the awesome book! And thank you to all the other lovely people who participated in my first giveaway, you are all stars!

Happy Friday All you Lovely People!
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There is nothing on earth that can get me started like a tambourine and some good acoustics. Cue Oliver Tambourine by Wrestlerish and the world becomes something that would fit in my pocket. In short, this band, with its strong indie-pop influences literally inks its melodic songs into the music industry’s veins. May they course through it for a long time.

Wrestlerish lead singer and ginga-ninja Werner Olckers (bless this guy) gave me some time for a chat. Man, this guy has a voice that would make any girl swoon! However, when I asked him if he has recently had a ‘good news’ girl, Werner said that he has horrible luck with women and that he also has a horrible schedule that would not allow him to date. “Unless she doesn’t have a job and travels with us all the time. Hopefully soon I’ll have a good news girl,” he added.


The band started after Werner quit a previous band. “I was looking for a new sound. It actually started as an accident.” After meeting with some other cool guys, known as Jacques, Gavin and Dave which were and still are able to play instruments, the guys made an EP in a day. “We kinda decided on the name Wrestlerish because of my size, ya know. Because I look like a wrestler.”

About band life Werner says that they are the most boring band in the world. “We usually just go home after a gig and read comics.” He adds that he literally lives on Jacques couch, with them being business partners when not touring and gigging. “We tour so much but we still try to balance things. I have a semi-day job, writing corporate jingles for ads, such as Handy Andy and FNB. Music is pretty much everything I am.” Besides being very good at reading comic books and maybe being good at Xbox.

“There was this one time when we gigged with Ashtray Electric in Bloemfontein and only had one bottle of Jagermeister left, after starting with eight. Eventually the two brothers from Ashtray went to sleep in the back of the touring van. Leaving the bar, the van was gone and we phoned the guys to find out where they went. ‘We’re in the van,’ they said. And we were like ‘But where is the f#cking van?’ Turns out some prankster got into the van and parked it about two blocks away.” This, says Werner, is probably the craziest things that has ever happened to the band.

Crazy guy, sjo! Considering that the band has been making awesome music for a year now, one expects Werner to have great music taste. “My music guilty pleasure is Demi Lovato, she has an amazing voice and I am a huge Bon Jovi fan, they have been making music forever and are still here.” Guess not huh. But in Werner’s defense, he has seen some great international bands live. “My top ten are Death Cab for Cutie, The Dillinger Escape plan, Elbow, Envy, Biffy Clyro, Fall of Troy, Coldplay, Jay Z, Every Time I Die.” I only count nine, but all is forgiven, as long as the band continues to produce marvelous music and equally awesome music videos.

For more information, you can check them out on Facebook.

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I write this with the only part of my body that is not suffering from third degree sunburn, my fingertips. And before someone thinks “Ja, you idiot, you know that the South African sun is a killer” (and then laugh silently at your pun), I did wear 50+ SPF and I reapplied it almost every time I got out of the swimming pool and with the exception of the pool, the superchoop, the speedslides and a little legend known as the ‘Rinkhals’, I was in the shade all the time.

On our way there and back we stopped at a garage where we found these cool guys!

They were made to celebrate the ICC World Cup and was themed to represent each country. These awesome art pieces were made by labourers at a local school and painted by children. See if you can guess which country is represented by which bokkie.


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On Thursday my friends and I finally made the long trek from the east of Joburg to Wolves Cafe , to check out my friend’s band No Dancing! on the cafe’s Howl night. I have been pining, yearning, hankering! to go to Wolves since I first heard/read/dreamt about it. In one word, its very unusual. And I love it!

Wowzer, the band was AWESOME! Although I didn’t get to meet blogger-extraordinaire and co-owner of Wolves Angie from Lucky Pony , she had time earlier this week to have little chat:

Question numero uno
Wolves Cafe has a weekly music night to celebrate the local and dare I say obscure scene. How and why did this start?

It started with Shane’s (my husband) love for music and local bands. He just felt that it would be cool to have a place that showcases bands that people haven’t yet had the chance to discover and enjoy. And together Shane and I were really keen on creating an event like Howl to give people in Joburg something to do.

The second question
What type of music do you listen to?

hmmm….I listen to all kinds of music. Until recently I shared an office with a friend who is obsessed with music and finding new songs/bands, so I was constantly exposed to new stuff. I think the only time I really choose music based on my emotional state is when I feel like dancing uncontrollable in my house to songs like ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ by AC/DC.

Question the Third
Hah, your friend and I are ridiculously the same! You are married to a musician. Describe the life with a musician in a few words.

there are songs out there that are specifically about you, which is awesome – need I say more?  :)

Die vierte Frage
What is your music guilty pleasure?

Wham! Hahhaa!

Last but not least
What does music mean to you?

When I was younger I always used to imagine this scenario – if I was stuck on a desert island and I was only allowed TV or music for the rest of my life, which would I choose? I chose music every time. I love it so much, I love how it makes you feel, how it can bring you to tears or remind you of a specific place or person, or how it can make you just want to jump around and air punch the sky like a nutcase, or just lie on the floor and listen with your eyes closed. Music is like sherbet in a straw (remember those?), awesome and sherbity, yes.

 Aaah, the nostalgia of sherbet straws! I love this woman!
 Disclaimer: Last night, my camera gave me the finger, so pics are via.

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My mom gave me this lovely Elephant’s ear (Alocasia amazonica) from her garden as a present, and my friend Eleanor gave me this Peacock plant (Calethea rufibarb) as a housewarming present, which prompted the beau and I to visit a garden centre for some goodies. We popped into Flora Farm in Boksburg. Read about it in the previous post.


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This weekend I trekked around the city looking for the perfect pot for my Elephant’s ear. What a mission! After quite a party on Saturday night, I surely did not feel like walking around for hours in the hot sun..(how hot was this weekend! WOW) But eventually my beau took me to this huge nursery/garden centre in Boksburg, where I found a pot for cheap cheap.

I will never be able to find the place again, with the exception of the beau or a programmed GPS, but I think this is one of the biggest garden centres I have ever been to. It’s probably two blocks big and I enjoyed frolicking between the roses, the pots, the ceramic dogs, cheetahs and wild dogs. The place even has a tea garden. (Well, which place these days does not have its own tea garden?) This is what I saw:

These cute critters were for sale in the indoor centre. I had to stop myself from buying them all. And they are perfect for Easter, which is about a month away :)

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Yes, you read right! This is my very first own giveaway and today I give to you the most awesome of awesome!  This book I found in a little-bitty bookshop in Bedfordview might be the coolest thing since 1987 (yup, that was the year I was born). If you love anything general knowledge and all things quizzy, then enter this give away.

“What does the Mona Lisa have in her left hand?”
“List the nine activities which are traditionally forbidden in public swimming pools?”

From American presidents to Welsh surnames, poker hands to the Von Trapp children, and from London Underground stations to the musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber, test yourself and your friends with On the Tip of My Tongue – a quiz book with a difference (no I didn’t think this out, I just copied the book’s cover.)

Do know that I part with this book with a heavy heart, because it is just that cool!
It asks a million-and-one questions and if you don’t know the answers off-the-cuff, you can always have a peek in the back of the book for the correct one. Along with the answers the book also gives a few titbits about a certain subject, for extra knowledge me thinks!

And with the book you can also win this original artwork bookmark, which was painted by the shop owner herself.

How to enter:
Be a follower of this blog with Google Friend Connect! (Click “Follow” in the upper nav bar and follow with Google/Blogger, Twitter, Yahoo, or Aim!) and then leave a comment with your email address! (This is just one entry!) You must do this entry first to be eligible for additional entries!
To gain additional entries, you can blog, tweet, update your status on Facebook with a link over to the giveaway.

These all count as extras, but you have to let me know that you did this by commenting on this post.  

Lastly, answer this easy question: Name the four attendees at the Mad Tea Party in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (This is one of the questions in the book.)

The winner will be announced by next week Friday.