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I found a link about an online drawing programme on Saffa expat’s indieberries blog that looked really interesting and tried it out. For the life of me, everyone knows that I cannot draw, not even to save my own life or that of a baby seal about to be clubbed (gruesome much?). But I thought of the most simple thing I could draw, and one of my greatest loves in the world…ice cream, om nom nom! This is how it turned out:

Not bad hey? Forgive the spoon, I was drawing it and then realised that you don’t eat an ice cream cone with a spoon, but it looked too good and I was too proud to take it away after the hard work I put into it. Ha! Way to kill an hour.

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What a weekend! I have been out of action since last week Wednesday, as I had a minor operation and a brief stint in the hospital on Thursday, with Friday being recovery day. Don’t worry, I am alive, well and very healthy!

By the weekend I hit the ground running and have been so busy that I have not had time to post anything. But I have sorted everything and will be back on track by tomorrow. In the meantime:

“Pure love produces pure nonsense” ~ Jonathan Klinger, attorney

Hope this made you smile!


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On Saturday, my friend Idele and I decided to venture to Parkhurst for a sale at a shop that we will not mention here. We could not find what we were looking for and decided to find some edibles and a few drinks. One of my old favourites is the Zoo Lake Bowling Club, but after standing there for ten minutes and not even getting a glimpse from any of the waiters, we up and left for Moyo, which is just across the pond from the bowling club.

I would like to shout this piece out of utter excitement, but for the sake of keeping with my personal style rules, I will say it this way: What a fantastically fantastic place! This had been my first visit to the Moyo at Zoo Lake, partly because I never knew where it was situated, until I got lost on the way to the bowling club. Idele and I walked around for almost an hour gawking at the lovely African ornaments you can buy at the shop and then almost another hour just looking at the magical scenery of Moyo itself. It felt like I was almost back in a very modern Tanzania, but with an abundance in the Xhosa culture. The scenery was great, the food was yummy, the couches were oh-so-kick-your-shoes-off-and-relax and we even had our faces painted. Definitely a great place to hang out over weekends, or even have a bachelorette or wedding party!

(PS, on the day we were there Marie Claire had their Naked Issue celebration at the function venue and we tried to peer like little monkeys to see if we could spot famous people. They spotted us and we bolted. ha!)


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On Friday, some old friends of mine came through from Potchefstroom (I told you this dorp is spawning bands like a rat), in the form of ekhouvanjouokay, an electronic rap band, with one of my great friends Louis as one of the singers. Their sound might not be in everyone’s taste, but they are quite entertaining live!

At first my friends discovered some ornaments in the flat and this happened:

and then while waiting for the band to play, we saw how awesome the tables are painted at Tings ‘n Times. On the outskirts of Hatfield, this club idolises Bob Marley and salutes the reggae era with its bohemian interior and good vibes. (Good vibes bought on by the permitted use of some green leaves that is not a main ingredient in Ceylon tea. )

Tits and times

And then the band came on. I am still deaf in my right ear. Don’t stand to close to the speakers children, it might cause prolonged damage.

Louis doing his thing

All in all, we decided to go to the square to have a dance and a few other drinks, but after tripping over one to many schoolbag, we decided to trudge home. What an evening this was.

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These are some very interesting and playful perspex jewelery, designed by South African home-grown honey Lize-Mari Maartens. She designs under the brand name Kooky and finds her inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, Greek mythology and poetry!

If you like her stuff, you’ll find it at  The Fringe Arts, Nap Living & De Malle Meul in Cape Town, and at Quixotee Lifestyle in JHB. This is some of her fun designs:

Brainy Bangles

Bright Brooches

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“Don’t believe in a compass that points East,” he croons in his song, Kissing Devils on the Cheek. I believe you guy, you’re going to get awfully lost if you follow that needle.

South African singer/songwriter Farryl Purkiss must have followed that needle somehow, because here he is, in a four-question interview.

 “Don’t believe in the comfort of a rocking chair. It will rock, rock, rock, but still won’t get you anywhere” the song continues. He definitely got up out of his comfy chair and after learning to play the guitar at age 15, released his first self-entitled album in South Africa, in 2007. This was followed up by Fruitbats & Crows in 2009, and he even got a song featured on medical drama Private Practice.

“Quit playing games, stop dropping names,” says the chorus. As unpretentious as his lyrics, so is this devilishly good looking man, with his equally alluring voice and his opiate acoustic guitar. And he is still moving forward. He talks to me about his new album, awesome bands and crazy stunts.

You’re working on a new album. How’s it going and when will it be done?
“It’s going well. I moved to a farm a year ago to get away from everything and clear my head. It’s been a good change of pace, a breath of fresh air. And you will definitely hear the influences in the songs.

I’m hoping to finish writing for the album by the middle of this year and release it around the end of the year.” (Just in time for Christmas, me thinks).

Why did you choose music?
“I didn’t choose music, it kinda chose me actually. It fell in my lap and I realised that I can’t turn an opportunity like this down.”

What are some of the best bands that you have seen live?
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals.

He also says hat the bravest (read crazy-romantic) thing that he has ever done was flying overseas to meet a girl he has never even met. Lucky girl.

 If you would like to see more of this talented man and check out his gigs, go to his Facebook page or his website.

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Ha! So today I had to attend some congress in Sandton and leaving there a bit earlier I decided to follow my own path back to Bedfordview. Now, I am not a native Joburger and only know the most obvious roads back and forth.

Eventually I ended up in a suburb called Waverley and past comes a fire-engine red 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000. I have quite a knack for old cars, I dream of owning a Karmann Ghia or an Austin Healy someday. So, I decided to go out on a whim and follow this red car, with its 20-something driver, and see where I end up. I had the gps with me, so if I ended up being so entirely lost I would still be able to find my way back to the office.

So, I kept on following this gorgeous piece of car and I shit you not, this guy actually drove right up to our offices, only taking a straight where I had to turn right. I eventually knew where I was when I was close enough to the office to recognise my surroundings, but it was such an awesome experience to just follow my head, and a red car, and actually end up in the right place. Fate, I tell you! Believe in it!

Fate in the shape of this