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This shop I like. No, adore! No, love! The first time I put my feet in Sotran, I started crying because of a rocking horse. It imports furniture from countries such as Indonesia, India and other Asian countries and holds the key to my heart! The beau and I were looking for a plasma unit for our new flat in December and after walking through an astounding number of well known designer shops and not liking what we see, we eventually found our little piece of Bali-heaven, in the form of the most awesome plasma unit.

I really love this place! Let me explain. The other day, I won a R500 voucher from Sotran and I nearly started crying again. So another two trips to this lovely place and I walked away with these lovely ornaments. Just in time for my housewarming.

My blue bowl

Barbara-Anne, the crocodile
Inside Sotran:

 You can visit Sotran at its three branches located in Boksburg, Edenvale and Fourways.

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I didn’t watch the Live on the Red Carpet insert, I fell asleep halfway through the show and I absolutely cringed at James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s attempt at making the 83 Annual Academy Awards into something it should not be – a joke. In words, I absolutely hated the Oscars this year.

Except for this:

Mila Kunis, what an absolute babe in Elie Saab! I love her dress, her hair, her everything!

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While all the cool kids were hanging out at the Design Indaba, someone had to stay on the homefront and represent Jhb’s equivelant. This weekend, my mom, sister-in-law and myself went to the Nipple in the Sky, or more formally known as The Dome to check out the yearly Homemakers Expo.

Although it wasn’t what I expected (I was hoping more Design Indaba-esque but I guess that event took all the good ones), I still enjoyed walking around and even got to buy two cute and lovely fridge magnets for thirty five bucks each. Sour grapes am I, but next year if you are unprepared like me in regards to the Indaba, then make a trip to the northern suburbs of Jozi and get some ideas for your home.


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Drumroll people. I have been working on this drawer cabinet since the beginning of January. Actually, in my head, I have been working on this thing since I inherited it from my ex-flatmate who immigrated to Namibia.
The story:
After the flatmate had left, he also left a few of his belongings, among them a drawer cabinet, a bedside table and a bed, all painted in the same blueish baby puke colour. He asked that I donate them to a charity, but I thought I would hang on to them for a little while if friends wanted to stay over in my flat. Eventually, after moving to another place, living there for six months and waiting to move into the new flat, I decided that its time I start with my do it yourself (more like cry-it-yourself) project. (I gave the bed and bedside table to our gardener.)

I had searched far and wide, and by wide I mean I even went to another city, for the perfect glass knobs, and after I found the most beautiful ones at MegaMica, I bought six, because that was what I could afford.

At the end of the month I went back, and shock-horror, there were only two knobs. Eventually, I got paid again, went back again and….drumroll again…may I present to you my finished drawer cabinet. Tada!


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Potchefstroom. Synonymous with oak trees, students and Aardklop, right?
Think again. This quiet dorpie, in the middle of the North West Province, is giving the Bellville music-coop a run for their money, birthing bands that are much of a muchness to bands on the international music scenes.
One particular Potch band that is hotting up my iTunes (dare I say, the three songs that I have, is almost on a repeat) is indie/folk duo No Dancing!

The band, which consists of boy-girl duo Ciska Joubert and Henk Labuschagne, formed in 2009 and is spilling onto the local gig scene, with enchanting acoustic guitar riffs, beguiling tambourine and accompanying bass kick drum. Florence and the Machine-esque powerhouse Ciska’s voice transports you into an era that isn’t. And accompanied by Henk’s melodic guitar, the band introduces you to an entirely new sound, which I am yet to experience in the South African music scene (or even the international one).
Screeching an uhm as he answered the phone, Henk told me a few interesting things about the band and himself:
How did the band become a band?
We use to have a high school band, with an extra personage. In the meantime we matriculated, Ciska went to Pretoria to study graphic design and eventually came back to the dorpie. No Dancing! was born.
No Dancing! is an odd name, how come why come?
A friend and I were in a pub one evening, having a few whiskeys and beers, and on the wall there was a sign that said No Dancing! We found it a bit ironic for a pub, but too good to be true for a band name. No Dancing! Simple.
“My favourite food is Spur,” he said. I suppose he wants me to pay him in food then.
If you want to see more of the awesome twosome, make sure to check them out live at the Wolves Cafe on the 17th of March, or check out their facebook page No Dancing! for other gigs.

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So today is my Monday want list: (I have no Idea where I sourced the pictures, I think most of them are from tumblr)

 A hyena with which I can share food with,
This girl’s hair, body and tan (instead I have hair that chooses to grow wide instead of long, same applies to the body now ha!)
 A bicycle. I had one. I left it. Somewhere.
This ring, which is almost as awesome as having a pet hyena to share food with,

Good old Disprin, because right now, I am suffering from a headache that could wake a hibernating bear.

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On Thursday, my friends and I went to the Keg&Beagle in Linksfield to compete in our first Pub Quiz Trivia. I am besotted with quizzes, Trivial Pursuit, Buzz! and Who wants to be a millionaire, and this was all in one!
What fun! Our team name was “Five journalists & some other guy” but the MC, one of the girl’s boyfriends, kept getting it wrong. Boo on you, team name wronggetter!

Five journalists and some other guy? you wonder…well, its pretty self explanitory. It was my colleauges and my boyfriend (the other guy). Some of the other team names included the Raging Rabies, PO10C, Wetter is better and much more. There were about ten teams competing and in the end we finished fourth place.

The rules were simple, don’t scream out the answers, no more than six people and if you have a mascot you get extra points. The next time, we will finish first place and remember to bring a mascot with. Apparently, my boobs can’t count as one. Ha!

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