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Oh me, oh my! I have neglected this space for this week, but I have an apology ready so here goes: “Hmhmhm (that’s me clearing my throat), I was moving house. I was busy. I had a stressful week. I nearly died. I am alive again.” But I did take a few pics. I will upload them, I promise, but life is very demanding!

My parents are coming over for lunch in our new place and I am planning to cook something I found on Lucky Pony with some roasted veggies and yummy greek salad! Will let you know what it tasted like.


Update: I forgot to put salt in the pasta while cooking it, but it was freakin delicious none the less! 
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Last night we got the keys to our new flat! But what a horrid state it was left in by the previous tenants. The floor was covered in dust, with a side order of dust, and then some! And there were chips in the walls that were not there when we checked the place out in December. I presume this must have happened during their move.

We went through all the cupboards to throw away all that was left over and as the beau opened the tumble dryer we got a nice surprise…a whole bundle of underwear and socks! Ha! The guy must have forgotten it. Well, forgotten or not, I chucked it into the dustbin.

After offloading a few boxes, which we will unpack tonight, we went to McDonalds for some grub. Ohmigosh! Luckily I look before I eat, as I had an extra flavouring inside my chips…a fried bee. Poor thing.

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Today, the beau and I visited Gillooly’s farm to check out the local craft market. There wasn’t much to see, so we headed off to Mrs Sippi Blues  and had a drink or two. What a lovely day!

I even made a new friend! Her name is Sandy and she is the friendliest, most lovely little Staffie this side of Gauteng. She loved being patted and even jumped on our table a few times! Lovely little puppy!

Unfortunately, I did not wear sunscreen and for the ten minutes that I did not sit under the shading, while looking at the ducks and babels, I got sunburnt! Boo

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I know that everyone loves to say how their dog is the smartest thing on earth and how they know all the tricks in the book and everything that goes with great dogs. Well, I would like to tell you about my mutt, my little beautiful rottweiller x staffie which understands every single word spoken to her.
I got Liefie as condolence present from my Dad in 2000, after my dog Lola was stolen. A colleague’s staffie had been slutting around and out came the most atrocious things (according to the colleague). The first thing I did when I got her was cry. Balling my eyes out! She was the most beautiful thing, so tiny, so round, such lovely beady black eyes! I fell in love!
At first, I dubbed her Roxy. But after calling, and her responding to, Liefiekind and Liefiewoef, my family decided that she should hail Liefie. And being the stubborn 12-year old that I was, I insisted that she should be trained. The best choice of my life. Not only were the dog trained, but her owner as well. It helped me understand dogs better, even though I am secretly a dog whisperer. (My mom always said that I am absolutely fearless when it comes to dogs, even holding tightly onto a growling rottweiller).
But coming back to the centre of the story, Liefie certainly has a personality of her own and will throw little tantrums when she does not get her way. For instance, she loves biting the water as my mom waters the garden. Now, being an old dog with a bit of arthritis, my mom has outlawed water biting! Her response to try and tell my mom how frustrated she is, is to bite the grass and pull out lumps of grass and mouthfuls of ground at the same time. She then stomps on the grass with her front paws and starts clawing at it, until she gets her way. Little Brat! But I love my love to pieces and I have never loved a dog as much as I love my Liefie. She is an absolute angel!

She also loves her ball! From the minute you open your eyes, to the minute you go to sleep, she will put the ball in front of you because she wants to play! 

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Last year October, I went on a business trip to Tanzania! What a lovely country, nestled between the big blue sea and the world renowned Serengeti, this country is definitely worth visiting. I would love to go back someday with the beau and maybe have a weekend pitstop in Zanzibar and visit the eons old Masai Mara in Kenya. The country is rich in culture, rich in friendliness, poor in crime (or at least as I experienced it), and rich in game and birds, which to one of our fellow journalists was an absolute paradise.

This country is vast, and Mwanza, or Rock City, was one of the highlights, but the Serengeti was the biggest highlight of it all. The Lion King soundtrack kept playing in my head the whole time though :) We also had the luxury of residing on the banks of Lake Victoria. However, the lodge’s generator switched off at 22:00 in the evenings. I have never experienced such sincere beauty, listening to the hippos and the crickets, seeing that many stars! It was lovely!


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This weekend, my friend Tracy thought we should have a little photoshoot to show off my owls…

I must admit that she got a bit frustrated with me as I couldn’t stand still for long enough. I kept telling her that I am a writer, most definetely not a model! HA! Well, I’ll let you be the judge of my modelling skills…


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With month’s end winking, and me scraping in the last cents I have found under the mats and in between the seats in my car, I managed to buy a packet of chicken and mushroom flavoured two minute noodles, only to come into the office kitchen and be greeted by an over-worked microwave heaving it’s last breath (much like many other things in this office.)

So, I decided to pour some hot water over it and just let it soak for a few minutes. Hot water noodles isn’t the same as nuked noodles :(

If only I had remembered to pack last night’s left over pasta with delicious, yet salty, mushroom and ham sauce. Sigh.