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Following yesterday’s post about actually now owning a dining table, I did a bit of research on what you should own by a certain age. As if summoned, Elle Decor recently wrote an article on their website about the 10 Things you must have in your home by the time you turn 30. I’m 26 now, going on 27, so I thought I would use this article as a guideline to see how I fare.

1. Art You Love
“Start collecting when you’re young—it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it just has to speak to you.” – Tod Nickey.

I am a tad obsessed with nguni cows, and have posted quite a few of my cow pictures here on the blog before. Most of the ‘art’ in my house consists of cow pictures.

2. An Organised Bookshelf.
Sorted. That came with our house.

3. Matching Towels
I do not make the grade on this one. We have a few towels that fit together, but there are some from varsity, some from home, some from Flip’s place. In the end, my friends won’t judge me because I have mismatched towels.

4. A Plant
Hahahaha. Funny story. I can keep three dogs alive and I used to have real green fingers with the ability to keep any houseplant alive. Now? They die when I just look at them.

5. A Nice Mattress and a Headboard.
Still have three-and-a-half-years to go before I need to make this goal. I do need a new mattress though. And we’ve never had a headboard. Maybe I’ll make one from old pallets?

6. A Collection
Check. I have a collection of misfits at my house – including a staffie, a jack russell, a pavement special and a husband.

7. Bathroom Accessories that aren’t Plastic
I fail. Flip is the one who always wants to buy bathroom accessories, but I feel it’s just a waste of money and it will gather dust.

8. A Favourite Candle (or the knowledge that you are not a scent person)
Vanilla Candles everywhere!

9. Two Bedside Tables
Halfway there. We have an old little bedside table and a bunch of them standing around the house. But none of them actually match. I fail Feng Shui.

10. A Luxurious Throw. 
You know those misfits I spoke about under number 6? Well, they don’t exactly allow the luxury of a luxurious throw. It will either be eaten or covered in hairs within five minutes. But those throws at Loads of Living that look like faux fur…oh my goodness, one day I will have one.

In hindsight, this might seem incredibly superficial and like who the hell cares that I have certain ten things in my home when some people don’t have enough shelter against the winter cold, but I guess if you burden yourself with all the worries of the world, you will never just get to enjoy your life.

Picture via Elle Decor


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You finally start buying big pieces of furniture for your house. We have been living in our house for almost three years now and never had a dining table. It’s not that we didn’t want one, but I have very specific taste in things and it took me this long to actually muster up the courage to buy a freaking table. Buyers remorse is so much with me.

Anyway, so we went and bought a dining table from @home this weekend, along with two chairs – will buy the rest as time goes on, but we are two people, so don’t need more than that at the moment. When we have dinner parties, we’ll just add BYOC in the invites. That’s short for bring your own chair.

I simply cannot wait to get the table into it’s little space, which one friend has annexed and dubbed ‘her room’.

I’m already salivating about all the ideas for decorating and found a few inspirational pins on Pinterest. I cannot wait to have soirees and dinner parties galore. I feel so grown up now.


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Girls, let’s be honest, when it comes to buying your mother – the woman who brought you into this world and raised you to be the ladyyou are today – a gift for Mother’s Day, you sometimes have no clue what to get. Right?

And, guys, how about getting a gift for your wife – the mother of your children. She also deserves to be spoilt on May 11. I’ll bet you so much money that you buy the same box of chocolates every year, or that bathrobe and matching slippers? Well, here are my ideas 😉

Mother's Day Love

// Some timeless elegance on her wrist will make up for all the time’s you’ve given her grey hairs. Hugo Boss Chronogram Watch – Lushberry. // Pamper her with this amazing Pamper Box // This beautiful mug will make her think of you every time she has he coffee // I would kill for this gorgeous Topshop Blazer // Make her feel and smell beautiful with this perfume from Calvin Klein // Let her wear your love with this petite ring from Dear Rae // Show off her local side with this Made in SA bag from Rosehip // Pretty up her home with this cross and and if you are still unsure of what to get her, how about a R500 Rubybox voucher? //

Stand a chance of also winning a R5000 shopping voucher from Mr Price Home! Click the image below to enter 😉
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Let me write that out for you: two-and-a-half-thousand ronds! That’s how much you can bag from Mr Price, and honestly, who the heck wouldn’t want all those pretty pennies to buy a whole new wardrobe for a whole new season?!

Sign up for that amazing prize by clicking on this pic here!

Mr Price is a firm favourite of mine, because as the name suggests, it offers the same fashion as all the high street stores, but just at a little more affordable price. Another favourite thing of mine is finding outfits I really love and finding the items in my favourite stores. Like the outfit I wore to Kamers vol Geskenke.

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Last night, Danielle from Sometimes Sweet did this perfect little feature of ‘Last Word’ – something she found while sitting in the dentist’s office and reading the People magazine. (Cold shivers just ran down my back. Dentists are the scariest humans on earth, other than clowns).

I thought it was too cute not to fill it in. 
Think you would like to also fill it in? 
Drop me an email at and I’ll feature you!

Last thing you cooked: I had to make myself dinner last night because Flip had to work a little late. I made the most nutritious meal of toasted cheese sandwiches. I’m such a masterchef. 

Last time you felt nervous: I’m too stupid to be nervous. No, I lie. I’m probably nervous all the time, which makes me immune to being nervous and makes me not realise that I am actually nervous. That, or my wedding day. 

Last big thing you splurged on: I bought myself a nice pair of boots at Edgars the other day. I have terrible buyers remorse and thought that I was going to hate myself for paying such a high (in my eyes) price for shoes. But I haven’t regretted it once. I also bought myself a cute little floral dress from Mango. 

Last gift you received:  I think it was on my birthday. Or perhaps Valentines Day. I’m a bad gift rememberer. Perhaps because it isn’t my love language? 

Last song you listened to: This is a tough one. Yesterday, one the way home, I listened to DJ Fresh’s Cheese of the Day – and I listened to it really loud. It was Bellisima by DJ Quicksilver. I was so ashamed about it, but couldn’t help listening. Lately, I’ve also been stuck on Rip Tide by Vance Joy. Give it a listen!

Last place you vacationed to:  The Western Cape on my honeymoon last year. I miss travelling. 

Last time you were moved to tears: Since Tuesday morning I’ve been crying pretty much non-stop. 

Last blog you really fell in love with: I wish I had more time to read blogs, but I recently found Cara Loren via Instagram and her fashion posts are so cute and inspiring. I love her style. So obviously her blog is pretty cool too. 


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This weekend we did some spring cleaning – or should that be autumn cleaning? Flip and I each hauled a few black bags around the house and threw everything that looked like we haven’t touched it in the last two months away. I’m not saying that this was the pivotal point, but we watched an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive and suddenly we were running around like frantic cleaning machines.

This included our closets. I finally threw out all my shoes that Mila thought were so delicious; the ones which had a little bit of a funky smell (what?) and shoes I have never touched and will probably never touch – hand me down heels. Luckily, the online shopping nervecentre Spree! just celebrated their first birthday and are now having a whopping 50% off sale on some of their items until May 4.

I applied the same logic to my wardrobe and have to admit that although I like loads of space I have for new clothes – yay for a new winter wardrobe – it was much more difficult to part with my clothes than snacked-on shoes.  Other pieces were really easy to discard, I had a few ‘what was I even thinking’ moments. So I will make full use of this 50% off sale to warm myself up! I chose some items from the sale to make myself a cute little outfit below. I sourced an inspiration outfit from Pinterest and based the entire look around the cute sequins mini skirt! It’s to die for!

PS: The most fantastic thing is that the sale isn’t just limited to clothes! It includes baby things, accesories, toys, decor and gifts! What are you waiting for? Click on the ad below to check out other fabulous items on sale.


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Hello everybody! Hope you had a fabulous long weekend, because I had one that started fantastic, but ended on the lowest of low notes (don’t want to talk about it). But, I stayed in Johannesburg, didn’t even need to leave the city!

We kicked the weekend off with a great outing – Kamers vol Geskenke 2014 – the biggest pop-up store in South Africa. And boy was it fun! And huge! 

I was immediately drawn into every single stall we visited and was constantly told by my husband that I shouldn’t touch everything. But if you don’t touch, you can’t see, right?

My favourite stall had to be the Valhalla Tees stall, where I bought Flip a Siener van Rensburg shirt. We were really impressed by this creative team, who gave a new spin to Afrikaans legends. I also want one of their t-shirts now, so will just order one online at the end of the month. 

Other highlights included meeting Lea from Met Liefde, who I interviewed a little while ago for my blog, saying hi to Melissa from Zana and Mariaan from MStudio, meeting and greeting Matthew Mole and chilling out with Miss Tash from TandSerendipity.

We loved watching Matthew perform live in the big marquee tent, where he sung some sweet sweet songs. He also sang my wedding-aisle song, which got me all flustered and teary eyed.

Ooh, and don’t even get me started on all the food and drinks. We had delicious little tasters at Nova Chocolate, had some refreshing spritzers from Kuhestan Organic Farms, and ogled all the delicious looking tapa platters and boerie rolls around us.

The most challenging thing about Kamers was trying not to buy all the products, which saw me walk out empty handed. I was so scared that I might buy something I like and then see something that I really like even more later on, but then not having enough moolah to buy that something. But, I did take all the business cards of my most favourite stalls and will be supporting those online stores soon enough.

“These Afrikaners are so flippen industrious.”
 – overheard at Kamers.